Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of School

It's back to school time here in Georgia!  Hardly seems like we should be heading back to school already...I mean it's still so hot out and (as far as I know) summer isn't over!  August in the north is the hottest part of summer (and here too!)  the month when we go to the beach, and just revel in the "dog days"!

So, his morning at 6:30 am I had five kids up and getting ready for backpacks, lunchbags, pencils and notebooks.  Emma declared that it was "still nighttime", and Jacob asked me several thousand times "why exactly do I have to go to school?"  Sam was mad because he wanted to go to school too! The bus came promptly at 6:52 am (which I was told it wouldn't even be here, but that's ok) but we didn't head out until about 7:10 to drop al the kids off.  Madi seemed a little surprised to be awakened so early...but just like always, she went with the flow of things!

Emmy looks mad in this picture, but she actually was super excited to go!

As always, Nick is thrilled at the idea of waking up early and going to school!

I dropped the first two off at Brooklet Elementary...met the teachers and got them ushered into their rooms.  Jacob seemed a little teary-eyed, but was happy to see Ms. Janda and Emma, well, Emma just bounded in and shared her excitement with everyone!!

Second stop dropped Nick off to meet his "chick"....and like a dorky mom I waved goodbye!  Hard to believe it's his last year already.   I can remember taking him to William Penn the first day of!

And now, I'm back home.  And guess what?  Its quiet.  Really quiet.  Sprouts on tv, Sam is playing his DS and Madi is lolling around with a bowl of cereal.  I texted Danny and told him the same thing.  He said he knew it would be.  After 8 weeks of a full house of children, its odd how it just stops one morning.  I'll enjoy it, but I miss them and their little quirky personalities.  I'll send them out to the world.... to learn, make friends and grow up.  Sad, but it will happen whether I want it to or not.  Maybe I could just delay it a little...keep them innocent and small for a little longer.  I know one thing for sure, there will be alot of hugs and kisses when the gang returns this afternoon. 


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