Monday, August 22, 2011


Two of my poor little chickens have perished at the hands of some wild animal.  I was talking with my mom this morning and only Cloe came around the corner, which I didn't think was strange because she tends to get lost from the group.  After returning from the library and store I found again only Cloe and (I think its) Lulu huddled in the corner out front.  Upon walking around the side of the house there was a pile of scattered feathers but no chicken to be found.  Damn.  Hawk maybe?  Nothing along the tree line.  They were all present and accounted for at 6 am this morning.  Molly went venturing out along the other side of the yard and I saw a few feathers scattered about and there in the tree line lay Barbie.  She's the only one I could find.  So we'll bury her in the yard.  I cleaned up as best I could and searched around because I don't want the kids to find Matilda.  Poor things.  There coop is almost done.  I'll have to pen them in the shed tonight.  i'm so sad, but it's my own fault for not having them penned in. 

RIP Matilda and Barbie


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