Monday, August 8, 2011

File folder mini's

Now, aren't these just the cutest little mini albums...well more of a tag album.  They are made of a folded up file cute and easy to make!  Since I'm all about halloween these days I made up a few of these to post on my etsy.  They are so simple.  You really just fold the bottom of the folder up about four inches then accordian fold and decorate!

I've added a ribbon around mine to keep them closed.  They make a great little table display
and are also a great little gift to share with family members who live far away!

You can add four to eight photos onto the tags and I just embellished the inside pockets with halloween die cuts.  I love how it turned out!

these remind me of vintage halloween!  Accordian folded flowers!  So easy to make and a great embellie.
Cut a 1.5 inch strip of patter paper and accordian fold tightly.  (think of those tigger tails you used to make using the straw wrap at the diner!)  Then fold it around and staple the edges together.  I added some cut circles and button on mine as well.  Stinking cute, eh?

I did a little painting on this file ingenious, the end of a wooden spool make great little lifesaver-y shaped circles! 

Have you made any of these mini's?  Would love to see yours!  Post a link in the comments!


My little helper....not!

dog days of summer....our pump went on our bigger intex pool so to keep the kiddies cool I picked up this little pool.  I actually think they have more fun in this one than the big one!  Madi can easily get in and out and the kids put their small slide right into it and had a blast slipping and sliding into the pool.  Easy to drain and easy to fill!  Best $10 I've spent in a while!

Cutest outfit ever!!!  India inspired from The Children's sweet.
poor Emmy got her earring pulled on and her lobe tore a bit, so she only has one little cupcake earring
dangling about while her little ear heals.  Poor thing!

This little meathead found his way into my room about, oh, say 3:26 am!!  Scared the be-Jesus out of me when he woke me up, appearing magically and a little lurky-like at the side of my bed in the dark of night!  He just wanted some milk and snuggle, so he went back off to sleep after dumping his milk right on me...grrr!!!  He's still cute! 

We started building the girls (chickens) house yesterday.. main frame is up...tweaking as we go....will be so cute when it's done!  Will post pics a little later on...happy day to you all!




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