Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finally some pictures!

a little sad face....

not quite sure about this big old cake in front of me?
Happy 1st Birthday Madison!

building with blocks...yeh for simple toys!

this is the coolest kid in town.

almost finished playblanket!

taking steps...she goes across the room now...

our door isn't really sideways!
garland that lucy and i wrapped (new bulbs though!)

my favorite felt banner.....

nativity set and using some other "borrowed" farm animals!  Love the angel
hanging overhead!

teaching myself to knit...this is so much fun!

Hallmark singing snowman and penquins.  always a hit with the kids!

Just a glimpse into our family and holiday prep! 


Monday, November 29, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like......

...Christmas!  With a new strand of lights the garland is wrapped gloriously around the door and I will be adding some around the front window.  this years "theme" if you want to call it that is "simple".  really enjoying all the true meanings of christmas.  only a few treasured decorations will make it out this year...decorations that hold meaning, decorations that are natural and add beauty to our home. 

I'm loving the sounds of Christmas music wafting through the house, got a list of baking that needs to be done.  Prepping for a cookie exchange on the 15th that should be a hoot!  But first off comes cleaning (ugh) and moving furniture to prepare for the tree that is coming this week.  And bless me, but most of my Christmas shopping is done (thanks to the world wide web and enticements of free shipping!)  But don't get me wrong, each gift was carefully chosen this year.  And there are zero (i repeat) zero plastic electronic toys that will be broken by the end of the day.  We are all about wooden toys this year, things that last.  And things that people can use and savor...good breads, good smelling room sprays, cute little lip balms. 

And did I mention i've been bitten by the knitting bug?  Oh it's so relaxing.  I'm self teaching, so it's going slow, have to learn how to bind off.  I do believe my Aunt Barb is a knitter, so i may call on her for some help.  I'm working on a blanket, but got circular needles last night and want to start on a hat for madi..in pink of course!

have a beautiful monday...one more day off for the kids...then back to school tomorrow!


Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After...

Lots of  you woke up early this morning, before the sun was even awake, to head out into the craziness that we call Black Friday.  Not me, (but kudos to you brave hearts who took on that task) I was nestled snugly under my covers with a snoozing baby by my side. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday...at home in our comfy sweats with nothing to do, no time line to meet.  Just us and a fat turkey and a good smelling kitchen.  We made Indian headresses to wear, each with our given Indian name and shared our "gratefulness" before our meal.  We were blessed with some early snow (how pretty it was to watch it fall) and the kids bundled up and went outside, to only throw snowballs at the back door all morning!  We watched the pretty floats and heard the great music during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A little walk in the rain to settle our meal in our tummies gave us a chance to check out some more Christmas lights in the neighborhood and with ALOT of prodding from Jacob, a promise to put up SOME christmas lights tonight!  Then sun set and desserts came layered onto the table.  Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, cranberry walnut bread and southern banana pudding...yum!  Eggnog topped it all off and then we were really full!!!

Sue stopped in to visit...a few drinks later we were hanging christmas lights on the front porch, and much to Danny's dismay, the lights he spent like an hour fixing, didn't work anymore after Sue and I wrapped them around the garland like 100 times!!  Ummm...so they are up on the door, but only 1/3 lit, we'll work on that later!  I'll post some pics in a few...have to figure out how to get my phone pics on here...ummm!


Monday, November 22, 2010

nearly thanksgiving

Been busy and getting ready for the holidays...always some work to do around here!  Working on the trim in the living room and painting the ceilings to get at least ONE room completely finished.  Hubby is home sick today...so is Nick, hope this isn't a precursor to what turkey day is going to be like!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A very busy sick week...ugh!

Our house is finally beginning to perk up after being overrun by a virus last week!  Yuk!  Nick missed two days of school and I spent the last week of my vacation feeling pretty crummy.  Baby Madi is still fighting off some thrush and Sam (thank goodness) is getting better.  Poor little guy, he got it the worse. 

On top of that we've been painting...windows.  Did i every mention how much i dislike painting windows?  Thankfully, they are mostly done, no it's onto the living room ceiling and putting up crown moulding.  Hopefully that willl be done tonight (if i don't fall asleep early again ha ha).  Our weekly library trip didn't happen last night as I ran around for a birthday gift, and supplies for Christmas gifts.  I can't wait to get started!!

Sadly, hubby's mom and dad aren't able to come for turkey day...so it will just be us here.  Oh well, it will still be a good time with lots of goodies.  Going to work on the menu later today...delicious!  Hopefullly my mom will be able to join us for the day.  Maybe we'll eat early and then go to Koziar's..we'll see.  I have pics to upload so I'll get on that today to.  I really need a check off list!!  Oh and I did some (a little bitty bit) of christmas shopping, but it's really mostly going to be handmade stuff!

have a beautiful day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A not so good start to the week...:(

Ok, well I'm hoping this is NOT how the week is going to continue.  I ran into my neighbors car this morning pulling back into my parking spot.  I guess, I just turned too soon.  Umm.  So, I call the insurance agent, file a police report and try to get ahold of my neighbor, but he's not answering.  So, the officer was let's say a little, ummm, rude?  Turns out, he was probably trying to keep me from getting my little gift for the accident...my citation for $109.50!!!  He said its the administration, not the police that make me pay.  It's my fault though so I really have no problem paying it. Like, really, I have a big scratch on my car, am I going to tell them I didn't do it?  If more people would accept responsiblity for their actions, there would be less waste of time in the judicial system.  So, I am.  Accepting responsiblity.  It was an accident.  No points.  No insurance hikes.  No co-pay.  Thank Goodness.  Just the ribbing I am going to take from my husband and son.  :)

and i found this nice little site for anyone who is interested in saving $$$$ this holiday season...we are going simple at my house..no stress, no malls, no "what am i going to get them", no "let's just buy this"...

lots of great ideas...whether you are crafty or not...check it out!

happy november!