Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A big old storm blew in on Monday night and zapped our router.  Bulloch tele came yesterday and were still unable to get us connected so hubby had to restore the computer to factory so I am now spending my morning getting everything on the desktop back to the way it was.  ugh.

on a super duper bright note is the day!!  our proceed check should be coming today and then all the stuff we want to do can happen!  Bill payment is first on the list and then friday I will be meeting with Stan to order all the deck supplies.  A pool company called me back yesterday so that is also in the process.  Kids playard is also picked out....and lest we not forget..bunk beds for the boys!  What an exciting day! Despite feeling like we have handfuls of cash.(which we really don't lol) its best to be frugal and really think about our purchases..wants and needs ya know?

happy day to you as well!


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