Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Two Hour Dog

Yesterday morning while browsing Craiglist I came upon this sweet little doggie who needed a home.  Now, hubby has been wanting a dog and I'm ok with it as long as it wasn't a BIG dog.  Well, Cujo is a Dachsund/Chihuahua mix, 9 months old. His owner just didn't have time to spend with him.  So, over we drove to meet him right after school.  Very sweet, well tempered.  Said ok, and brought him home.  It's now 4 pm. 

Kids were getting used to him, he was scoping the house out and all seemed well.  As I'm getting ready to head off to a PTO meeting at 6 pm my phone rings and guess who is on the other end?  You guessed it, Cujo's previous owner who is a younger girl and she is in tears.  She wants her dog back.  So, I have to explain to my kids who now want to know why the dog isn't "living with us forever" why we have to return the dog.  So we load up, meet the girl at the elementary school and give Cujo back.

Moral of this story:  If you can't give your animal up, don't list him on Craigslist. 

So, now I'm searching for another dog.  I guess I'm ok with it though (despite being out the $45 I spent getting supplies for this dog...grrr) because the girl obviously loved her dog very much.  Sometimes life isn't fair though and I guess it's better that it happened right away, instead of a week later.  So, he'll be known forever as the two hour dog!


angry diapers

Madi was apparently mad at her diaper bin before she went for nap.  She pulled it through the rails and then threw all the diapers on the floor.  I swear...if it were not for her cuteness!!!!!

Need I say more? 

happy day to all!


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