Monday, August 15, 2011

really? Mayo??

I had a hankering for some blueberry and apple crisp on Friday so I searched through some recipes sites and found an interesting combo for the crumb topping for them both...mayo!  I was a little skeptical, but they turned out delicious!  a little tangy and sweet!

the blueberry was more of a hit here at home...but the apple was good too!


Art by Emma

please note everyone is wearing the faces!!


Dreaming of my garden site...

this is where my garden spot will be.  have to take my soil samples to the
co op this week too!


Jacob's Homework:  Family Tree
Brooklet Elementary School

Jacob had to make a family tree (ours had to be BIG) for a school project on Friday.
We had to choose a type of tree and tell how it related to our family.
Now, of course, I was picking some kind of nut tree because we are really all nuts, but i thought the teacher would give me a frowny face on that one!
We chose a banana tree because we like to MONKEY AROUND!
Everyone decorated their banana and then we stuck them to the tree.
another fine Frazier artwork!


Nature walk:  Trees in our yard

Emmy and I took a litle backyard nature hike last week and picked a leaf off of each tree in our yard.
We had all different types and will be working on a little book this week about it.


happy day!


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