Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over the rainbow x2

This was a first for me...after a big old thunderstorm yesterday this showed up on the eastern sky.....

a double rainbow!

the lower one was much brighter than the top, but it was still pretty cool~
wonder if there are two pots of gold???

Ms. Molly with her bone.  She sits on the table outside during the storms...lol!

These foam pumpkins are getting an overhaul.  They were black, but I'm painting them a neutral color and adding some polka dots after seeing Jane's pumpkin over at Cottage at the Crossroads.  So cute~
I had a pretty bowl that reminded me so much of her pumpkin but it was broken last year.  I forgot where I got it but I'd love to replace it!  Thanks for the inspiration Jane!

I should be done with their transformation later today and then I'll unveil them!

happy day!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

ghoulish goodies!

Stampington and Company.  Ok, so who didn't tell me about this site????  Seriously.  Love all their stuff.  I got these in the mail today...can you say VINTAGE HALLOWEEN!!!!  OMG  I can't wait to create something with these! 

On the right are cute wax paper bags...great for halloween treats!

Ghost pops!

sweet little pops for the fall festival!

spider tags...got the spiders at hobby lobby!!

and to toot my own horn...i sold this banner on etsy today!  yipee!
I also sold two other items on smarketplace.  This is a new site...gives you a bit more audience than etsy since they are newer....check it out here!



crafting it forward

I'm submitting these to Scrapbook etc craft it forward program for October.   Each month they list a project, then you make one, and pass the crafty love on!

I made my treat bucket using an oragami cup pattern using black/white papers and a little hint of orange!
I made these for my kid's Fall Festival celebration...I donated 10 of them to their silent auction.

Link up to this great program here.  You $500, and even if you don't, it feels good to share! 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

handmade for the fall festival

Jacob and Emma's school is hosting a Fall Festival next week.  I volunteered to make some items for the country store and the silent auction...here's what I've been up to.....

paper cone treat holders...will look boo-tiful with some wrapped candy treats inside and hung on a doorknob....

recycled tin can candy holders

halloween goodies!

this is the beginning of the door cones....paper mache cones hand constructed over rolled tin foil...

painted orange with black dots and sealed with spray sealant...

ta da! 
I fashioned the large flowers on the front out of folded paper and ribbon.  orange and black buttons decorate the centers.  Glittered batrs on a kite string...sweet!

I'm still tossing about the idea of hostessing a halloween monster bash for Emma's kindergarten class...ummmm??

what halloween fun have you been cooking up?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

halloween is coming!

If left to my own devices, I'd decorate for Halloween all year long.  There's something mystical and whimsical about the holiday.  Cooler weather, children laughing, grinning jack o lanterns that just well, makes me happy!  My middle son, jacob is also a halloween lover.  He nearly exploded with excitement yesterday when he saw I had unearthed the totes containing our halloween goodies!  I only put a few things out (saved the gory bloody fake lake for later in the season!)

now since this is our first halloween at our new house, some items worked, some didn't.  it will take some tweaking to find homes for everything.  and i still have more to put out! 


of course, we also had to raid the costume bin!

how funny that this actually looks somewhat like sam's real hair.

little skeleton girl

jessie the cowgirl

optimus prime paid us a visit too!

have you been bitten by the halloween bug too??


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Very quickly, the seasons shifted yesterday.  Two days ago here in Brooklet, it was 95 degrees, yesterday it was 70, this morning it's brisk and well, chilly.  Chilly like I remember early September in the northeast.  And it makes me think and feel fall.  Like i should get my halloween totes out from under the crawl space and decorate the house in hues of orange and mustard and brilliant reds.  Thanks to Jacob's love of halloween, Dracula and the witch are already on the back porch and there are  plastic pumpkins out there too...ready to adorn the new fenceposts!

So with the fall season now feeling more fall with the cool weather...i also think about GRATITUDE.  This past two weeks has left my head jumbled, unable to focus, concentrate and get my head around my goals.  I ready Rhythm of the Home last night and it centered me a bit and gave me some ideas to get myself back on track.  So my post today and once a month or so will be my list.   My list of things, everyday things, that I am grateful for.  It's a season of warmth and bareness.  You can see through the forest in the winter because the leaves are all gone.  See everything for it's beauty.  Like people, remove the things that hide the true self (the leaves) and you'll see people for what they truly are or want to be.  Tall, strong, unbending.  Like the trees in the winter forest. 

without furthe adeiu....

my gratitude list

1.  cool weather
2.  cinnamon flavored coffee
3.  the ability to re focus
4.  understanding
5.  a job that fits me better
6.  creativity
7.  a new friend
8.  belonging

i imagine my list will change month to month, but its' a way to follow and focus on my goals.  my dreams, where i want to be.  what are you grateful for?



Thursday, September 15, 2011


To say we have a few new things at our house is an understatement!  It's been a crazy !

New glass mosaic tile backsplash...loving it and it really defines the kitchen.

goodwill finds

really, really heavy mirror.  Going to sand it down, paint it another color and distress it.  fun!

cute!  love this little covered platter.  how sweet it would look with a little cupcake under it!

fold down coffee table.  another really heavy piece.  refurb in order...can't wait' to see the outcome!

pink monster.  ok, so i know this dresser is ugly (well, the color) but it's a basset dresser and I love the shape!  Someone took that "stone look" paint (in pink no less) and painted the top.  Oh Lord, what were they thinking?  So it needs some tlc, but it will be beautiful when it's done.  Love the drawer pulls and it's hard to see from the front pic but it's all curved across the front.  What color do you think it should be? 

Coat rack

so i had a similar coat rack at the old house and loved it.  One fencepost and five hooks from hobby lobby made this one up pretty quick.  that's hubby hanging it for me!

The massive deck!

early stages. 

all the joists..11 in each section. 

and during this whole process we put this together because.....


Miss Emma celebrated her 6th birthday last week. 
Daddy and Pop pop also celebrated their birthdays!

Playing on the deck...

The taller posts will have planters hanging from them. 
It totally transforms the whole back of the house!

and this is just a cute pic! 
Sam and Molly horsing around in the grass!

more pics to come as I get them on line!
happy day!


has it really been that long?

Really?  Really that long since I posted?  Goodness, how life has taken a turn and a shift away from the path I was on.  Okay really, just a detour and now back to the main path.  Those little paths through the woods sometimes bring about a new light, direction, a new insight into our goals and plans for life.  Where have I been you ask?  Well, putting all those plans into motion.  Our new deck is on, the playset is up.  Lots of new BIG items here in our home.  And the unbelievable sense of how quickly money slips away.  All ok though, because we used it wisely for the things we needed and or wanted.  Just another checkmark in the box of making this NEW home OUR home.  Still much to do, but it will get done.  I am learning that not all things need to be done at once, and that patience is a good thing.  A good thing that I need to cultivate. 

And growth in my understanding of my relationship with my oldest boy.  Understanding that I love him, but not his behaviors.  Understanding that in order for him to grow (as hard as it is for me) I need to let him go.  Although under not very nice and Brady Bunch family circumstances, he isn't here right now.  I don't know when he will be back or if he will be back, or how our relationship will be mended.  I only know that I cannot save him anymore.  I cannot be responsible for his actions, he must take responsibility.  My role should be that of support, and I'm not good at it.  I have to dip my hands in and warn and threaten consequences, but it does no good.  Only upsets us and creates disharmony here.  As hard as it is to let go, if he grows to understand responsibility and pride, then my pain is well worth it.  My humility and pride of having told my child to leave if he "didn't like the rules here"  And he did, out into the night, no word for a week.  And then only a brief message that he would be by to get his other things.  I have to let him go though because if I don't he will never grow out from under what I want him to be...he must learn what he wants to be.  Hardships of motherhood.  It's not all fun and games.  And it hurts ALOT.  And you never know if you made the right decision, the right choice.  You can only HOPE that in the future they will understand, forgive, see the reasons.  And you PRAY that they will be safe and happy. 


Thursday, September 1, 2011

chicken purse

OMG!! It's here!!  I ordered this from Mypetchicken.com.  Do u love it????

it's kind of like a bowling ball bag.  it's so cute!

cluck!  cluck!


today's crafty goodness!

I spent the morning hemming this store bought curtains (they originally had large grommets to hang them and it wasn't quite the look I wanted).  i added some ruffles to the top for a vintage/country look. 

I think they turned out cute.  I guess i should have used matching thread though huh?  lol.  funny story with this project though.  madi got up this morning while I had these laying out on the floor to pin them hemlines.  Well, lets just say she didn't have a diaper on and she christened my curtains!  so before anything, they got a quick wash.  silly girl!

I'm going to add this on over at Transformation Thursday!  Happy day!