Saturday, August 27, 2011


Late this morning I heard the Lowe's delivery truck pulling into our drive....

....he unloaded the forklift from the back of the truck to lift off....

...our brand spanking new lawn mower!!

I must be getting countrified...I'm excited about a lawn mower!  Ha!  I actually just like the color and the fact that it wont break down after EVERY single mow!!  Hubby likes the!


Sadly enough, we lost another chicken yesterday...sometime yesterday afternoon Lulu disappeared without a trace.  No feathers (well a few stray ones, but nothing like a few days ago).  I searched the tree line with Molly but we didn't find her.  Now poor Chloe is left all alone.  I put her up in the shed right away and she'll stay there until her pen is finished TODAY.  I ordered five more chickens today online and they will be here in three weeks.  This means starting over with one day old chicks, but it was so much fun to raise them.  This time, we are ready with a house for them to keep them safe from whatever is lurking in that woods out there...


Today has a long to do list attached to it....huband is at Lowe's again becauwe he got the wrong roofing.  I have to finish my grocery shopping as soon as queen Madi wakes  up.  Three haircuts are despertely needed and have to get to the furniture store by 5 to pick up bunk beds.  Whew!  Tomorrows list is just as full. Most important is the hen house...gotta keep them safe! 

happy weekend to you...hope everyone weathered Irene ok...we only got a nice breeze from her...


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