Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Now, this photo has nothing to do with transforming crafting items, but well, she IS transforming into a little two year old!  So sweet, little MADI licking marshmallow off her fingers!


Remember that box of granola bars?  Well, here it is...being transformed into a gift box..not quite done yet, it needs some handles and embellies, but hey!  You get the idea right?


I just love banners and I've been busy making some for halloween (they'll be on my etsy).
They are quite easy to make and I think the more distressed and handcrafted looking, the better!

First, cut 7 6x6 squares, fold in half diagonally to make your banner.   If you want to double them like I did in the above photo,cut another 7 squares at 5x5 and layer them on top.  Next, I machine sew them together (saves glue!).  Then I use my crop-o-dile and punch holes in the top edges, set an eyelet and thread them onto some cotton twine.  Then, it's time to embellish, dig thru my stash for some letters and machine sew circles to layer them onto...Voila!

These will make great little additions to your halloween decor!


Goodwill find....$2.99

I'll post pics of what I'm planning for this later.....:)


If you know me, you know I drink coffee...alot of it.
So, I have coffee cans and well, I'm thinking these would make great little candy stash holders for halloween.

Step one:  Sand the whole thing to make it easier to attach your paper.

I'm loving this extra strength, super big glue stick!
I just goop up the whole back of my paper and stick it on.
This can will take one sheet of paper to cover, just split it into x 6x12 sheets and cover front and back

Looking spooky!

I used the Cricut and cut out some labels (4 inch) and switched the border for each to create a nice backdrop for my letters.
I glued them on, then decoupaged over the whole thing!

Paper is from K&Company...last it!

I had these two soup or bean cans and altered them up as well!

I'm going to add some wire handles and some filler and these will make great little treat holders.
Don't forget to sand down any sharp edges on your cans!
You can paint the inside or line it wit more paper..your choice. 


more banners!

Hope you have a crafty day in your craft room too!



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