Thursday, July 28, 2011


This has been a super busy week.  School shopping, crafting, and enjoying the last few days of summer vacation before school offocially begins again next week.  (can you believe it?)  Hobby Lobby started me off by putting out their halloween goodies...which led to me checking the blogs/etsy/craft sites for fun halloween stuff to make...which led to lots of crafting!  My mind is swirling with all that I want to do....and much like my normal self, I have to step back, make a list, and really prioritize what my goals are!  So here's my to do list:

1.   halloween trifold albums and mini completion!!!
2.  plan siimple craft ideas for Peanut Festival
3.  find out how to vendor at Brooklet Peanut Festival!
4.  chicken coop!
5.  school involvement
6.  check on line for fall festivals
7.  plan for house closing!!
8.  decide which on line school i am going to attend!  (yeh!)

We had someone come and take a look at doing our deck and patio...that will be a GO! as soon as we close.  I can't tell you  how much closing on our house will do for us.  All the dreams I have been planning may finally come to exciting!  All our plans for this house...finally! 

this week though, may have been busy, but it was a homey sort of week.  Close to home, enjoying the kids, and we even had a full day of soggy/boggy rain!  yeh!  I'm sad that my garden didn't work out this year, but with a few tools and a better plan, i hope to come back better nexxt year.  Believe me the temptation to plant a fall garden is so with me, but it's probably better to hold off until I am better prepared. 

So looking forward to the fall...even though it's only August we are heading into...that would still be summer in PA!  School starting definitely makes me want to bake apple pie, make a scarecrow and visit a pumpkin patch! 

did i mention i love my life? feels good to finally feel, well, good!



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