Thursday, July 5, 2012

We don't do that on the kitchen counter.

After a fun-filled afternoon of swimming with the kids, I decided to get to harvesting all my sunflower seeds from the ginormous plants we grew this year. The kids had already bee-lined for the house after our swim, so I was harvesting by myself.  I picked two full buckets of seeds and headed in the  house to show the kids.  I found Jacob and Emma sitting at the computer watching Tom and Jerry, Sam (believe it or not) was just sitting at the counter and Madi was standing on my kitchen countertop. 

{listen, get that horrified look off your face.  I KNOW your kids also climb on your countertops to get to the cookie jar.  Stop lying to everyone}

Me:  "You got a cookie, honey?'

Number 5:  "Water."

Me:  "Water, what water?'.

Number 5:  "It's wet."

Then I see that there's water all over the countertop.  I grab papertowels to start cleaning it up. 

Me:  "Who spilled water here?" 

No answer from Numbers 2-4.

Mid paper towel swipe I realize Madi's in her swimsuit.  Madi isn't potty trained.

Number 5:  "I pee-pee."



Monday, July 2, 2012


RIP Ms. Daisy. 

Why my husband is not allowed to take the children out by himself.

I had to work last night until 1 am.  When I came home, hubby was waiting for me in the chair.  They had gone to a our church's Family Fun Nite at The Clubhouse here in Statesboro.  I asked how things had gone, and he said "Fine, until...{insert Sam's name here}".  Sam, it's always Sam.  Sigh.

Here's my understanding of the story.....

Hubby was sitting with Madi watching the other three play in the ball pit.  Jacob and Emma came running over, but not Sam.  Hubby inquired of Emma where Sam was.  Her response..."I can't find him."  {here's where my mom radar would have gone into overdrive....missing child alert!}.  So hubby says he gets up and starts heading over to the ball pit.  He see's another church dad waving him over.  He said "I thought he wanted me to bowl with him."  Not so, honey.  Here comes Brother Wiggins, who leans over to my husband and says this.......

"Your boy is naked in the bathroom."

Fast forward to the bathroom scene.  Four kids in the mens room of the Clubhouse.  Emma is holding her nose.  Sam is {of course} naked.  There are flies and he is freaking out.  Hubby told him it's his odor that is attracting the flies.  There is poop in underwear, poop on the floor.   {does this sound familiar??} Brother Wiggins shows up with a bottle of spray and some paper towels.  Hubby said other random church dads are knocking on the door to check if he's ok.  Madi has strapped herself onto the bathroom changing table.  They are all in the handicap stall.  Sam is crying because he can't go play in the ball pit. 

I'm thinking Sam is a party animal.  He showed up fully clothed and left in a diaper and sneakers. 
How much fun did he have???

I'm going to be doing alot of apologizing this weekend at church. They just don't UNDERSTAND Sam.  He is MISUNDERSTOOD. 


And that folks, is why my husband is not longer allowed to take the children out by himself.