Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing Molly

I traveled about oh, ummm 1 and 1/2 hours yesterday (mostly because I got lost) to pick up a dog.  She is a rescue dog, now the owners take in rescue dogs and she was in a house with over 14 dogs!!  Her owner said he was only giving her away since the bigger dogs were too rough with her and he was afraid she would get hurt.  They said they were told she was about two.  Well I met the lady in Reidsville and there on her seat was this sweet looking, looking like she'd had a kind of hard life dog.  A little discussion about her vaccines and likes/dislikes and I was heading out of Reidsville with four tired out kids and one chubby doggie sitting on my lap.

Now, not until I got Molly home and my husband remarked that she looked a little older than 2 (ummmm....) did I really, really take a good look at her.  She appears to have maybe had a litter of pups at some point and we are guessing she is about 5- years old.  She was dirty, she smelled pretty "doggy" and she had a healing wounds on her ear and side from the bigger dogs.  Her left ear permanently droops down giving her a funny little questioning you appearance.  BUT, she is the sweetest, most well tempered dog!

So, we fed her as soon as we got in and hubby surveyed her and made fun of me for my choice.  (He'll warm up to her)  Next stop was out back to get a bath...well, I actually gave her two because boy did she stink!!
She still needs some doggie toothpaste, but we'll work on that today!

She is a terrier mix, we think with bulldog?  Not quite sure.  All the kids except Emma have warmed up to her.  One accident on the carpet last  night, but she's been doing her business outside.  Doesn't bother the chickens and wants to eat the cats.  For the time being the cats are residing in the laundry room and we will have to have a very, very slow introduction. 

She's already figured out that Madi's seat is the one to sit under because she drops the most food.  Last night we had to gently remind her that the couch and the beds are OFF LIMITS to her.  She has her own special blanket to sleep on (donated by Jacob) and she slept in our room next to my side of the bed last night.  Thankfully no accidents this morning when we got up and she went right outside. 

I'm still a little hesitant about her around the kids, not because she's done anything wrong, just me, being the mother hen!  I think we'll have to lock her in our br when I leave today to run some errands so if she has an accident it will be on the tile floor, not carpet.  It's been a long time since I've had a dog and ours were mainly outside.  I guess my biggest thing is I DO NOT want my house and clothes to smell "doggy" so she'll probably need a fore more freshenings!  We are planning a visit to the vet next week to get her all up to date and checked out.  Even if she is older and a little weathered, I think she ws a good choice for us.  She's calm, doesn't jump all over and she deserves a good home.  Even if she is an aged lady, she'll spend the rest of her poochy life surrounded by lots of love and attention.

happy day!


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