Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day was a beautiful hot day..no rain in the forecast...much unlike what we usually experienced in PA!  It seems every Memorial Day it rained and spoiled the fun for our picnic or camping trip..not so here!
We talked with the kids about what Memorial Day stands for and why it's so important and we talked about how Daddy served in the Navy....a special thank  you to everyone who serves in the military...whatever branch...for the FREEDOM you continue to fight for...God Bless!

Jacob gives a big thumbs up to jello cake!!

Emma was attacked by a marshmallow...doesn't she look a little vampire-y????

sam decided just eating them right out of the bag was the way to go for him :)

as did miss madi :))

mama and sammy


nick vs the marshmallow....(nick won)



our four little chickies are doing well and growing like crazy!!
they are losing their downy little fuzz and getting their feathers!

all the others are yellow..this is the only dark one.
they are all a little skittish when you pull them out of their cage, but
we just hold them softly,, talk to them, and pet their little heads.
sam has to work on this though, he thinks poking with his fingers equals petting!

we still need to decide on names for them all.
they are so funny...when you walk in the room, they spin their little necks around to see what you are up to!

I was clearing some leaves out behind the shed yesterday and cutting dead limbs down...there were bugs everywhere..i told danny that they would have a field day out there..he said "yeh, good luck catching them later!!"


squash, cucumbers and pumpkins...growing great!  have two squash growing, and several small
cucumbers...can't wait to harvest!!

prettty purple flowers by the pond....saw the turtle three times yesterday!!!

someone please identify this plants for me..it's woody, like a tree but more like a bush
the bugs love it!!!


in the words of Alice Cooper...
"Schools out for summer!!!!!"
despite that fact, school will continue here at home for the summer...
emmy and i made our flag this morning (she punched out the stars)
and we hung it on the curtain top so we can say the pledge each morning and
i'm working on daily lessons for the kids to keep them going through the summer
and get ready for school in August.
We have a summer fun list going which includes....going to the waterpark, going to visit a farm
picnics, nature hikes, zoo/aquarium field trips, and lots of other fun.  I'll post pics and keep you updated on our summer travels.  another thing I want the kids to do is write to pen pals over the summer....so if you receive a letter, please try to write back!!!

jacob spied a daddy long legger in the tree yesterday.  he borrowed a branch, went in the house and drew some spiders and glued them on.  he then parked this whole creative endeavor in a vase and is proudly displaying it in his room!  What a creative genius!


Friday, May 27, 2011

the beginning of summer....

I live in Georgia now.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact (even when I'm driving down an unfamiliar country road) most days because I still can't believe I am here.  I wish I could share with you the feeling I get when I drive down a winding road and look out onto the white mist streaming from the large irrigation systems rolling slowly though dry fields.  Or explain the feeling of the sheer power of nature as I sat last night on my porch watching and listening to an approaching thunderstorm.  Somehow, the power of nature is so much more, well, PROFOUND here.  Maybe it's because nature isn't blocked by tall buildings or drowned out by the sounds of traffic and blaring music, instead nature surrounds us and supplies beautiful, simple sounds all day long.  There's rustling along my treeline at night that comes from an unseen animal, probably an armadillo, and the screeching of the enormous black crows that land in my side yard, and the ever circling hawks above, floating on the wind.  I'm just in awe sometimes and wonder how I missed out on all this for so long.  If I can share anything with you, let it be that I move you to go out and listen to the sounds outside.  I'm positive you will sit just a little bit longer once you hear them, because you will want to hear more.  I'm laughing as I sit and type this because there are three blue jay's and a red carndinal just hopping about in my side yard.  Most likely in response to the sprinkler set to water my garden there.  They are so thirsty too.  It's so hot and dry.

Last night, after nearly three weeks with not a drop of rain, we had a gorgeous thunderstorm that lit up the sky with sharp streaks of lightening and thundering booms.  I was shocked three screeching children didn't come running out of their rooms!  The trees and grass seemed a little happier this morning...I am sure the farmers appreciated it as well.  Seeing the fields, the farming machinery, makes you stop and really think about where your food comes from and why it is so important to support the local farmers here.  Not in another country, but here.  In our home, supporting our economy. 


I went today to the final day of school celebration at Brooklet Elementary.  The kids received awards for successes throughout the school year and I am so amazed at the difference in education from PA to here.  In our old school, there were about 15 standards in Kindergarten, here there are 39!!!  I was atonished then yesterday when Emma's teacher and the school principal suggested I hold her back....what!  I thought, she's my little teacher, the one always pouring over the books and I can't possibly hold her back.  But there, laid out on paper, was the truth.  Skills that thier pre-K had mastered, she may not have even been exposed to.  Plus, she started kindergarten at the young age of 4.  She received the "Marvelous Manners Award" today and Jacob received a "PE Award". 

jacob and his new friend Justin

Here in Georgia, she would only have been in pre-K this year.  Enouraged that by holding her back would allow her to blossom and not alter her self esteem at all...I agreed.  And it makes so much sense.  Jacob I already knew I would hold back, he just needs so much help to get him on track and focused and I can already see that the work they've done with him is helping him progress.  So my kindergartener will be a kindergartener next year and my first grader will be a first grader.  And I'm ok with it because I know it's the right decision for them. 

There's such a difference in the respect of education and teachers here.  I clearly saw in PA how there were some fabulous teachers (Hello Mrs Mellor and Mr. Craven), but the school system and the need for funding always seemed to play a big role in how they could teach.  Being understaffed and classrooms overfilled.  It's just different here.  it's not about funding, it's about education.  Here, they let teachers do what they are supposed to do.  Teach our children. 

The most amazing thing I heard today as I walked into the school was the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE over the loudspeaker with the words with the word GOD in it and then to top it all off....THEY HAD A MOMENT OF SILENT PRAYER. 

The Park:

To celebrate today after we left school (although this may seem like punishment to some since it was really, really hot out!!!) i took the kids to the playground and we had a picnic under the trees.  I think they enjoyed it and for me, it's all about doing the little things, not having to spend tons of money to entertain, but teaching them that the uniqueness of each of them is entertainment enough.  The ability (and luck) for each of them to always have a playmate, a confident, a friend in their sibling is so awesome.  That is why I decided a big family was for me .  Despite the smartass comments from people who don't (or are unwilling) to understand why you want to have a large family, that's the main reason.  It's all about togetherness, a bond.  I'm working on my summer list of sharing things to do.  We have chickens to raise, a coop to build, I want to let each of them make patio blocks that they can decorate for the garden...ooodles of things to do...stuff that they will remember doing, not just have a t shirt as a reminder of the event.  Thursday is Library day...my favorite! 

Sam, up until about three days ago, refused...I mean all out REFUSED to get into the pool.  I found this cute little intertube at RITE AID and voila! 

All of the sudden, he's a water worm...

and just to clear up an misconception that Sam is not the owner of the most awesome afro ever....here is the proof in the pudding! 

what a post shower comb job.  it's like a mix of a 1970's platinum bozo the clown!!!
I can't wait to show this pic to his girlfriend when he's 16!!!

and then there's little miss sparkly feet..sneaking up and down the steps. 
But lest you think she's so sweet....last night we caught her putting her hand in the kitty pan and throwing litter across the laundry room.  I nearly fainted from shock and made Danny taken her to the bathroom and wash her dirty little hands.  Then i chased her around yelling "STINKY..POO POO!"  Ugh!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lots of pics!

I love Martha Stewart Living...i found some great recipes in this months magazine and decided to use my
new herbs from my garden.  Above is a peach/onion salad with lemon basil...omg!  to die for!
This months magazine has some great easy sides, not a whole lot of ingredients, but really big on taste!
To make this salad:
slice up 3 peaches
several thin slices of onion (i used Vidalia sweet onions)
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
juice of half a lemon or orange
orange or lemon zest
handful of lemon basil leaves
mix together and voila!

this was just a yummy side of squash, peppers, onions and some fresh
herbs from my garden...blurry but good!

getting crafty for halloween (already)
found some cute papers on clearance (woo-hoo)
and started making this mini.....lots of sewing, but really cute and fun!

part of my "happy" banner...love the colors!
you'll see it on my etsy soon!


May 15 was Sammy's 3rd birthday...and my mom's too! 
We celebrated by going to the playground at Mill Creek Park in Statesboro.
There were some bongo drum players there, so the kids had a blast playing the instruments and running amok on the playground.  We walked around to the water park.....

this should be a cool treat this summer!

and in the pond in front of the water park are loads of turtles!!
I was also happy to find that we have a turtle in our pond at home!

Sammy and his yummy three layer vanilla fudge brownie cream cheese icing cake!

Everyone enjoyed playing with Sam's gift!
thanks to Grammy for the money for Sammy and
to aunt karen for the new outfit and balls!

Without further adeiu...meet the chicks!
The chickies arrived last wednesday in a very noisy box.  I'm not sure
what breed they are...still have to look that up.
Sadly the one black one didn't make it, so we only have four now.
they are noisy, messy, and SO DARN CUTE!!

Because we live in the middle of no-where, i gathered up some bricks the other night, some
leftover kindling and we built a campfire out back.
This has two purposes.  One:  chase away the bugs.  Two:  roast marshnmallows!
My plan is to get a real fire pit or a better one than a makeshift broken brick one.
All in due time! 

Madi and Jacob:  twins (not!)

Loving my sissy!

hubby got me these pretty flowers for our 7 year anniversary...he even got this
great Italian vase!  lol!!

Love u honey!  Here's to another 7 years and more gray hair!!

Maggie in one of her nicer moments...lol!


happy to say my camera is back on track!  (thanks to hubby)

hope you have a blessed day!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

camera woes

ok, so i used to just plug my camera into the usb port on my computer and voila!  a little screen would come up and i could download my pictures...today, however, a little sign pops up that keeps saying "device not recognized".  which lead me to an hour long hunt for the installation disc, which as I am sure you know, probably got lost/misplaced/forgotten in the move.  not having found that, i did find my Creed CD which is playing as i type this.  so now i hav e all these cute little pics of the chicky-chicks and no way to show you.  grrrr!  i'll find a way though :)

woke up early to get the kids off to school for the fourth last day...hooray!  maybe they'll start sleeping in???? probably not, but we can hope.  sam found his way out in the living room as well, dragging his "bwankie" with him to plop himself on the couch and sip on his "miwkie".  sam has an uncanny ability to make you smile, despite your mood.  it must be his hair which is a little oiled up today due to some cradlecap (can you believe it in a 3 year old???)  i think it's cause it's so thick and curley.  madi slept in a little, but is already down for nap after a quick dip in the pool and lunch. 

after the bus came this morning cleaning time began.  Vacuum'd all the carpets, steamcleaned the small bedroom carpet (I'm thinking it's going to have to come up though) and cleaned both bathrooms.  laundry in washer and dryer, check!  sprinkler on to water the garden, then tilled and planted my seedlings in half of the new bed, sprinkler on again for some much needed watering.  did i mention it was 102 degrees here yesterday???? 

for a few minutes this afternoon  i just sat on the back steps and closed my eyes, soaking up the sun and listening to all the new noises.  some days it's so peaceful and i'm overwhelmed by the nature and peace here.  there's so much to not do.  the land almost whispers to you to just let it grow wild, let the wildflowers seed themselves.  manicured lawns do not fit in here.  i'll be revamping my landscape of the yard later today.  i'm wanting to go for a more eclectic (imagine that???) look, vintage...secret little gardens.  i've resolved that the front porch will be a far away project and that i am going to just plant the flowers i want and let the rainwater fall on them.  my main goal is to get seven fruit trees in this year.  two apple, two pear, two peach and a fig tree.  that's the goal...but we'll see. 

i'm laughing now as i look over at Sam who is busy pulling stickers out of his sticker book because he's sitting on his knees and his chubby little toes are just sticking out from under his bum.  he's so cute :)

if i'm so inclined later i may start painting some trimwork in the living room.  have to drop nick off for some more job hunting.  a quick trip to the store for very minimal groceries (cat food, milk, and chicken). 

chickens are well today, cleaned their pen last night and cleaned their dirty little booties.  have you ever trimmed a chickens booty feathers???  lol!  what a job!

jacob and emmy will be home from school soon and no doubt ready for a dip in the pool  i'll keep taking pics, and hopefully will be able to get them uploaded.

hope you are having a productive and blessed day..


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


ever have one of those days where you have aspirations of getting so many projects done, but u can't seem to get any of them off the ground?  that's my day today...sewing machine bobbin ran out, didn't like how ribbon flowers turned out, only did 3 rows on the blanket...keep hopping from one project to another.  so restless and i'm not sure why.  maybe i should paint the living room...or maybe i should just sit and do nothing.  in a chair, read a book, ummm...maybe that's what i am supposed to do today.  guess i'll try it. 


a foggy morning

yesterday morning our front yard looked like a scene from a creepy movie set...the fog burned off about an hour later, but it was just so pretty and still, I sat on the front steps and snapped some photos ...

to the bus stop we go!


early afternoon had me on a road trip to Vidalia...i took some pics while driving (lol, bad idea)

this is just a big old beautiful house..I think its' McLaine Farms...gorgeous!

the lake in front of this house has this awesome shooting spray...beautiful

i was trying to get a pic of this sign.  this is the prison farm.
it's very well kept, but along all the gates it says "guard line, do not cross"
don't ever want to break down here!!


j and emmy had their musical at school last night....
they both did an awesome job!

dark but this was the stage...

jacob was a goat and did the "pizza pie" song....

emma was a cow....she did the "milkshake" song!


i felt like i drove all day yesterday....so busy...picking kids up, dropping kids off...i went to the walmart late last night and saw some things that should NEVER come out in the light (lol) and vowed i was staying home today....well maybe, i do have to get new uniforms, but maybe we can do that tomorrow. 
got a list of projects to do today...and when the kids come home, we are going to swim for a while.  and maybe, just maybe, i'll cook some dinner tonight!!!