Friday, April 22, 2011


feeling a little blue and homesick today.  not sure why.  maybe because i start work tonight, or maybe because Easter is here.  just wish i could shake this feeling of wanting to cry...or maybe i should just cry and let it all out :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

settling in thrifty

Our third week here in Georgia found me exploring some of the odds and ends and thrift shoppes here to see what they had to offer.  I found a sweet little second hand shoppe in Brooklet (K's odds and ends) and there is a hoosier cabinet and a sweet vintage metal stool with a pull out stepladder that I have my eye on.  will definitely be making a trip back there :)  I'm compiling a list of things to look out for as a explore...the biggest being a vintage dining room hutch...I can see it in my mind....never know, may come upon something i love.  stepladders, cloches, hanging lanterns, a pie safe...the list is growing by the minute.  Now this may seem to be going against my grain of simplicity...but I'm trying to keep it for decorative/useful purposes only.  Not nick/nack stuff, more storage and utilitarian needs...

visited the Goodwill today in Statesboro....and found these things.....

sweet little summer dresses for emmy

a few cool dresses for me...this one's reversible and i love the pattern :)

a cute little lantern that i can picture hanging in the tree out front
casting a pretty light onto the darkened yard...

side table...not much to look at now, but i have plans for this....
remember how it looks now and when i finish it i'll post a pic :)
a deal at $12 for what it's going to become...




now for some reason i keep waking up with these two in my bed.  
there's sweet though, so i let them stay :)

i couldn't find Madi this afternoon, till I heard a little giggle
and found her trying to get to the cat under her bed...silly girl

these two tire me out.

swimming in much fun is that????




this, plus a paint brush and some blue tape
made this...

how cool is that to be able to write on the kitchen wall?????

lollipops for easter celebration at school...
how funny peeps are hard to find here!!
one lady didn't even know what i was talking about!




across the street they are burning the smells like a
giant campfire outside!  i understand they do this to prevent fires in the summer months...
a little scary, but there were two guys tending to it all day....

happy thursday to you..
i start work tomorrow. 
i'm forty-one years old and still worried if I will fit in!  ha!



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicholas

17 years ago today, you came screaming into this world on a sunny afternoon.  I was scared to death of being a new mom, but always tried to do my best for you.  You were raised with the love of lots of family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neices/nephews.  I watched you grow and mature from that little blond headed boy to the big brute you are today!  If I have passed anything onto you, I hope that it is the courage to move forward with your own ideas, be responsible and just be who you are. 

Happy Birthday, Nick....i love you lots!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

first day of school....

Jacob and Emma went to their new school this morning...Brooklet Elementary...they were riders today, but by Monday it will be schoolbus time! Woo-hoo!  Jacob thought it was much to dark to be up already at 6:15 am, but we managed to eat, get dressed (I even showered!) and headed out a little after 7 am. 
We got to meet our new teachers, and I left them in the helping hands of their new teachers...i'm sure they are both a little nervous, but they will be fine.  Emma was so excited about her new Tinkerbell lunch box and it will be a little different for her being in school all day...

on the way home from dropping them off, I came upon an orange placard that read "Prison Work Detail" and up the road aways was about 6 inmates followed by an armed guy in a pickup.  Wow!  I do believe this is the greatest idea I've seen.  I firmly believe that if you legitimately break the law and have to serve prison time it should not be a nice experience.  It should be a deterrant from doing it again.  Instead of looking at incarceration as a means of having a home and 3 meals a day, it should teach inmates how to work for a living and not suck the system dry.  You can reform someone, not by giving them cable, but by teaching them about an honest days work.  Instead of the lack of respect for the authority of an officer that I am used to seeing, it's kind of refreshing to see the differences here.  i am a firm believer that the prison system as is creates more criminals.  Everyone has rights, but guess what?  when you break the law you lose some of those rights.  deal with it. 

enough about that though....been busy painting and I am done with my orientation.  I uploaded some pics this am, but for some reason can'tload them here...will have to check into that.  First day home with only 2 kids, and I have to take Nick to get him registered for school today...busy busy busy

have a wonderful day...blessings!


Monday, April 11, 2011


Spent the day in Savannah today at my first day of orientation at Memorial University...what a busy day...met lots of people and this seems like a super great organization!  Have two days of computer lab coming up, then start work the following weekend!  Had a TWO HOUR commute this evening and didn't get home until 7 pm (yuck) and Danny didn't get home until about 7:30 pm!!  Kids missed us lots...nick did a great job with them and jacob finally lost his tooth!

what a busy week this glad when it's wednesday night and I can get back to focusing on family and home....blessings!


Saturday, April 9, 2011


emma and I planted seeds for pumpkins, cucumbers, and lettuce.  we are starting them in the
containers until i can get our garden up and running. 

the beginnings of a garden spot...beefeater tomatoes and red/yellow peppers

madi going for a ride in her car...beep beep!

downtown Statesboro...the Bulloch County Courthouse
scares me to even say it.  and the police down here drive Chargers
with big ramming bars on the front...holy shit!

love the clock tower

walking to the farmers market on saturday morning.
it was already past 80 degrees.

from the market..honey, muscadine jelly, a strawberry cake, cinnamon raisin bread and
morning glory muffins...ummm delicious!!

the farmers market

giant ant hill....
ummm, we have like 8 of these in the yard, but this one is
the biggest.  definitely need to figure out what to do about these!!

sam with his dinner date.

just sharing our day...

Friday, April 8, 2011

pics of Georgia

our patio to speak of, but boy do we have plans!

the swamp beyond the tree line...i am sure the swamp people r in there!!

sam's favorite walking path around the pond...


view from the family room windows...

daddy put up a swing in the front yard tree.  one of the few shady spots in the yard.

emma in search of wildflowers out front....

note the stance please...can u say high maintenance?

even kitty found a perch...

lots to do and plans in the making...
nothing like a brand new house!



We are our new home in Statesboro.  A very long trip with a howling cat got us here safe and sound (God bless) and our first day was spent unpacking boxes.  I couldn't find my camera so I have no pics of the actually moving in process....but believe me it was nothing too exciting!  Two days later, all but two boxes (and the rest of the Christmas/Holiday boxes in the upstairs) had been unpacked.  Most things have found their new home, or at least a spot in the room they were meant to be in.  We will have to learn our new space, find out what works for us and how we use the rooms.  Lots of things to do now that we are here. 

A trip to the DDS went not so well on Tuesday.  So it was back home to send for originals of birth and marriage certificates (really???) and to wait.  A little begging at the trash center up the street enabled us to drop all our moving mess off despite not having Georgia plates (whew) and a big thank you to the owner!!

Getting acquainted with the flow.  Had to go over to my job for some paperwork..twice.  ugh..200 miles in one day.  Not sure if I am gonna be digging this commute at all. 

Kids love the back yard and all the free space.  Sam's favorite thing to do is walk around the pond.  it still makes me nervous though :).  Nightime is SO dark here.  Stars are beautiful and except for an occasional barking dog it is so QUIET.  Takes some getting used to and if you know me you know I have a little phobia about dark (ha ha).  We have some local residents in our yard...namely some armadillo's which I find to be so amusing.  there's a carcass of one on the edge of our property, which is kind of gross, but interesting to see up close.  It has what appears to be a large break in it's shell.  Wonder what caused that?  Hopefully not a bigger animal...ummm.  note to self, keep kids close!!  Our other residents my hubby discovered as one was sitting on his toe....frogs.  Little brown one's and there's also apparently green one's that leave their froggy prints on your windows!

Our neighbors daughter across the way paid us a visit and we were happy to hear she would be able to help out with the kids next week.  She's a wealth of info about the area, very sweet and she's invited us to her church.  It made me happy feel better to meet a new face and a friendly one at that :)

I still have this feeling of not really belonging, kind of lingering on the outskirts, feeling like an outsider.  As the kids get started at school next week, and we begin our jobs that will all change.  We will meet new friends, discover new places and learn to live in a different way than we knew.  What an adventure we have before us! 

God Bless....