Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why I should pray more.

Some days are easy, some are not.  For those that are not, I should probably pray more.

10 reasons I should pray more:

1.  One of my supervisors saw me at the Lowe's garden center looking at flowers.  She watched as my children punched the crap out of each other while in the cart.   She also watched as I just ignored them.

2.  I buy beer at Walmart at 9:45 am and I am usually drinking it by 10 am.

3.  My pastor made me mad a few months ago and I sent him an e mail about it. 

4.  I've entertained the idea of leaving my kids, in the cart, in the Walmart cart corral and driving away. 
    (I really wouldn't do this, lol).

5.  I'm teaching my two year old to say "Daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy?  I want a pony."  I'm hoping she says it all weekend while I am at work.

6.  I asked my husband why our boy puppy has weiner hair.

7.  I have asked someone why on earth they put a zucchini THERE?

8.  I have made my four year old pose for pictures after major doodie episode's before cleaning him up.

9.  I made a grown woman clean up her own poop off a chair.

10.  I am still thinking about the girl who called me my husband's mother.

lol.  i'm really over all of it.  i think


and u thought i was long gone...

....I wasn't, really.  Just fell off the blogging wagon for a while :P  We all do it.  Don't lie and pretend you don't!

Where have I been and what antics have these kids of mine been up to?...OH the stories!  Alas, I will save those for another day though.  Just wanted to drop back in and say hello to all and let u know I missed u.