Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rockabye Baby Pink

We have two little girls that grace our home with sweet girly notions....the older, Emma is a collector and organizer, an "all about pink girl next door" little girl.  Madi, our youngest is tougher.  She keeps up with the boys, is tough like them and doesn't take crap from anyone!  I had promised Emma that when we moved her room would be painted pink...before it was white, white, white.  No color, no style.  I found this lovely shade of's called Rockabye Baby.

This is before the curtains...sorry!

Isn't it just the softest shade of pink.  It's beautiful.  That little fence thing-y I found at a thrift store.  I'm not sure what it is from, but I like how it looks.  It can be used as a little shelf or looks great on top of a shelf with little linens hung on it.

I made this rag garland after seeing it on someone elses blog.  {sorry I can't give credit because I don't know where it was!}  I took a long piece of twine and for about two hours tied 6 inch pieces of scrap fabric until it was all filled up. At Christmas last year, I had it hanging in an entryway and had tags hanging from it that spelled out MERRY CHRISTMAS.

This is Christina.  I purchased her for Emma {after much deliberation in the dolll shop} in Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee a few years ago.  She makes me put her in the closet every night because she's scared of her!

A closeup of the rag garland...i think it's so cute.

The little heart I made from a leftover baby blanket and blanket stitched pink embroidery floss around the edges.It has graced the doorknob to the girls room, the door itself, but it's now found it's home dangling from this relocated flower holder.   I'm all about stealing items from my other rooms to redecorate!

This is a closeup of the fence thing-y.  The picture frame is crackled and decorated with some of my scrapbooking supplies.  I love that picture of Emmy.  The flowers are made from palmetto leaves...given to us in Forsythe Park by a sweet lady.  The figurines are from the Disney Store...I ordered them when Nick {who is now 17} was about three.  They have graced the little edge above the door, but have now found their home here.

Rescued this dresser from Goodwill last year.  Kept the paint, plan to line the drawers in a pretty pink paper and change out the knobs to something glass.

Piggybank I made for Emma with scrapbooking supplies and a giant clothespin used to hold a sweet pic of her and her brother.

Pink lacy curtains...sorry it's so dark!

Thanks for looking at our girly makeover!


Monday, June 27, 2011


Ain't he just a snugglekins? 

bucket of leftover coffee + muslin
what to do with this?
well, i've been reading (well more like pouring over) tons of french country/american country/recycled home  decorating books and I am literally drooling over the ton so ideas that i've found.  I had this muslin fabric
and decided I would coffee stain it, stamp it with some Valentine stamps I had from MemoryWorks.
I love how it turned out (see below)  Now, I'm thinking I may not even hem it and make it so formal, just sort of clip it on a pieceo f twine over the's going to be in our master bath and I'd like to make a shower curtain with the same effect...I'll post the finished reveal if I ever get this makeover done!


quick sweet treat for the kids...
bathroom cups...
add a vanilla wafer on bottom
spoon in some vanilla yogurt
to with cool whip topping
freeze for 30 minutes
peel back the paper and eat!
easy to helped make them
(that's miss emma spooning in the yogurt)

Nick used his super huge muscles to dig through this soil we call
Georgia clay!  Finally, finally!!!  My trees are in the ground!!
Hooray!  Now i just have to keep them watered!

are you loving sam?  Nice spongebob underwear he has going on there...hahahhahah!

Oldest and youngest boy.....


Jacob helped me out with painting this table i picked up at goodwill a few weeks ago.
the end result didn't quite turn out like i wanted so it's back to the drawing board with it.
patience...i have a vision in my head!

the crackle medium i used didn't c rackle the way i wanted it. 
not sure why.  oh well, we can sand and repaint!
I'll keep ya posted!

We have a busy day ahead of us today.  Mom in law and Mr. Jeff will be here next week.
Got some paining to finish around the house and a light to move in the dining room
that doesn't really want to be moved (lol)
Yardwork is done (well mostly) for the week
garden is weeded (well one of them is)
have some flower beds to get weed screen on and some mulch
and the list goes on and on and on!

Good reads from the library this week....
will share later!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it came out of the pond....

Can u say CAN IT!!  got myself a big old pot to can in!  so excited...processed some zucchini and cucumbers to store...can't wait to do more.

this is my scrumptious Father's Day dessert i whipped up...
2 packets of dream whip
1 large package of vanilla pudding
chocolate chip cookies
mini marshmallows...

layer, layer, layer and top! 
sweet little treat!


now when we moved in here in April, the previous owner said there was nothing in the pond.  Over the past few weeks I've discovered we had a turtle and there were some frogs hopping about
(but then again, they are everywhere)
well, Nick decided to try to fish the pond and to our absolute amazement...he caught THIS!

huge old small mouth bass (we think!)

he must've been a little stunned after we threw him back because he swam on top of the water for a while...
he seriously looked like a gator swimming around!!
Nick has caught a few sunnies and this morning caught another big old fish!
there goes my notion that there's nothing in the pond!

Now, I came home Sunday morning to find this little kid in my house.
Don't recognize him without his super huge platinum afro, do ya?
Hubby got his hair cut, and I was mad. 
Real mad. 
U see, I love sam's curls...i'd let his hair grow down his back in big
old corkscrew curls if it were my choice.
Now i admit, he had a mini mullet going!

after a day or two, i decided he looked cute (did before too) and that his hair will eventually grow back...sigh!
he looks so much older is easier to wash though!
so hubby is no longer allowed to take ANYONE except himself for a haircut.

yesterday afternoon, i looked out the back window and found this in my yard.
marking his territory...all over my kids outside toys...grrrrr!

he eyed up my chickens so he got a little squirt of my hose then decided to go take a
swim in our pond.  poor thing, he was so hot and tired.  had on a broken chain so he must
belong to someone.  He spent about two hours with us, then went off again.

nothing like a sweet juicy watermelon!!

extra messy and yummy..just like we like it!

Join the week long blog hop over at at the picket fence

there are tons of great decorating ideas, projects!
it's a week long blog party with 12 different blogs...start there and u can link up your projects
and enter for great giveaways!

blessings!  Sue

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

owls and pickles

doesn't he look so INTENSE?
lol, he's writing a grocery list of what he wants from Walmart..
we'll just say it has toys on it!

Pickle Pot

i gathered up some cucumbers from the garden and found a recipe for a
PICKLE POT for your fridge and had to make some. 
I fetched Emma to give me a hand, and started out:

two onions
four small cucumbers sliced
pickling salt and spices
clean ball jars

emmy had the most important job of pouring in the ingredients....

after they were all together, i did the lids and jacob
gave them a shake!  then into the fridge they go for two weeks...
can't wait to taste them!

I also pickled up some zucchini the same way...hopefully can invest in a canner
this week....we'll see...lots of other things to buy, too :(


"ummm, can we come in???"
{these chickens just kill me}


OMG will i ever finish this blanket? 
I have like 6 more rows to go and then it's done. 
Goal:  have it done by next Friday's post!


Library fun


sam doesn't quite understand how QUIET u should be at the library.

pretty glass ceiling and light in the community it!

this week was the Raptor presentation from GSU. 
They had a snake, a falcon, a hawk, a small owl and this HUGE OWL!
She was really cool and had a huge wingspan!

my reads for this week....
I almost died when I found the Nancy Drew books in the kids section.  I can so
recall having them tucked on top of my white hutch in my bedroom.  I had to pick one up
just as a trip down memory lane....

and can I say I am pouring over the country decorating books...i {heart} Country Living!

craft room

what, you way, happened to the lovely carpet in this room?
well, we'll just say cats.
Grrrr.  all the padding and carpet came up. 
might to hardwood, might do carpet. 
not sure yet.
happily, the smell is gone.
for this I thank God.

Emmy and I organized all the buttons yesterday.
Great little sneaky sorting exercise for school...see, there's always a plan!

and all my little tools are in one little tote again...all about access when
u r crafting u know!


SCORE!  always love pretty storage....Picnic basket, actually had intended to store ribbon in it, but
decided it would house my small yet to be done mini albums and card
making stuff {like cards and envies}.  filled it up pretty quickly.

always love a glass jar...this one find a home as storage for my flowers.
Just liked the metal pan, a quick scrub with an sos pad brought it back to brand new. 
Loved this frame, it's hardwood and notched on all four sides.  kitchy cross-stitch in it that
kind of just well, made me smile.
The tin print with the birds I just loved and it's not old or anything.  I loved the colors
and the botanical/bird print.  Might be a springboard for some bedroom colors.

Have a big list today...since I've been pouring over decorating books, I'm itching to get the painting finished
and have {mostly} decided i am going to repaint all my kitchen cabinets and distress them like my old one's. 
Then I have to finish the mail walls out here but am stuck about what to do with the trim.  I feel like it's too glaring white and I want to tone it down and make it a little more rustic.  Will have to play around with this a bit and find out what I like.  So stay tuned, once the painting is done the decorating will begin...that's the fun part!

have a wonderful, blessed weekend!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

grill planter

I was inspired by Jane over at Country Crossroads to use this old broken down barbecue grill that the previous owner had left in our shed.  Sadly, the bottom was all rusted out, but the top was in good shape, so I took it off and painted it a sunny yellow.......

it probably needs another coat, but of course I couldn't wait!
I added my dried out in the sun impatients and using four lengths of chain
some small s hooks, we hung it in the tree out front....I love it!
thanks for the idea jane!

I want to put some bright pink wave petunias in it...i think they will look
lovely trailing down, don't you?


i also started working on my two front flower beds, not much, but they'll come along. 
I found some bricks on the back of the property and used them to edge it.
recycle, recycle, recycle...:)

the day lilies were there, but i also planted shasta daisy seeds, cosmos's and orange poppies.
hope they come up!

scored a Jasmine bush for half off at walmart!  gonna put a trellis behind so it climbs...can't wait to
smell that sweet fragrance!

this is a beautiful red manevilla....also a climber and will need a trellis.

goodies from the garden...the cucumbers and tomatoes are from
our garden, not the carrots and crackers!!
I offerred this up to my kids pre-dinner last night and they
gobbled it up!!!

blurry, but pretty, full moon coming over the trees last night.  we
sat out for about an hour watching the bats fly over!

what post of mine isn't perfect without a chicken picture in it. 
the girls are getting so big, they spend all day outside now and at night
they climb up to the sliding glass door and huddle together until
i bring them inside.  funny!

hope you have a blessed day..
and i'm so excited!  I won the giveaway over at SouleMama
from's what I won!

set of four colour dipper bowls : unicycle, swallow, chicken, horse

love it!  thank you SouleMama!