Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My seven project

this is my seven item layout for practical scrappers this week!  all one a 6x6 page too!
join us at practical scrappers and win some great digi's!  links on the sidebar!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Join me this week at Practical Scrappers for the Seven challenge!  Find 7 different items and use them on your layout...then link it up and win!  Head over to their site to check out some inspiration!

Be sure to also check out their monthly bonus challenge..it's just beachy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grab Bag Swap

These are my goodie bags for our Christmas in July Grab Bag Swap...loved this idea!  I also included hang tags that I dyed and aromated (what a word) with nutmeg and cinnamon!  Nice and grungy!

I stamped a pretty flourish on the edges..hope the girls like them!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birdie Friend Album

been working on this cute little album....

I had this cute little bird chipboard album that was just asking to be decorated...So I found some pp in my stash and decoupaged it all over one side of each bird, then painted the other side.  Add a few strokes of the journaling pen, some journaling spots, and a space for a few mini photos...and here it is!

I even found some "friend" ribbon to add to the chain...cute!

There are two little journaling spots and spots for 4 1.5x 1.25 photos.
I also did some embossing to resemble the birdie wings...great use of a stamp in a new way!

hope you enjoyed my album...stay tuned there's more to come!

another giveaway!


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Basic Grey

Hey, I found this on kelly gorees blog.. Basic Grey has free wallpapers and headers for your blogs!  Check it out by clicking here!  Now we can bling our blogs with BG!  Thanks for the tip kelly!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm a sucker for a good thunderstorm, so since WFMZ is calling for one almost everyday this week, I'm in heaven!  Tonight, after (almost) taking Nick to MMA, the skies started to darken.  My neighbor Sue and I chatted about whether to water the plants or not.  I told her to give it about 15 minutes and sure enough...

these dark ominous clouds loomed overhead...a few thunderbolts later we had a downpour!  We all scrambled into the house as the wind picked up.   Sam sat like a statue on the patio chair, screaming!  I gathered him and his bowl of cereal up and safely deposited them in the house. 
After the worst of it, Jacob had to go check out the puddles..

And soon, the skies gave way to this beautiful sunshine....

and given the intensity of that light, I should have known we'd have a .....


And here's the pretty sunset that followed...

God, I love me a thunderstorm!

Guess what glue, paper, and some birds can make up.
check it out tomorrow..here on my blog!

Jacob's birthday and some grab bag stuff...

These are all mine!
(l-r) Jacob, Nicholas, Madison, Emma and Sam

Carvel ice cream cake on a hot day!  Yummy!  Complete with buzz and woody!

Mr. Party Boy I am six now!!

Mad(i) hatter

For some reason, Jacob always covers his ears when we sing happy birthday!

The big blow out!!

New ambulance....and today, using all my crafty skills I made him a gurney for it out of shish ka bob wood skewers and paper!!

Emma's tramp stamp

We gave sam this balloon and he tried all night to blow it up
(it had a hole in it!!)
Love the tattoo!!


Scrappy stuff!

My friend Liz in Valencia, CA is hostessing a Christmas album swap.
8 of us made two pages of 6x6 album pages in a christmas theme.
We send them to her, she puts covers on the albums and send them back to us!
Can't wait to see what everyone else does!
I made a pocket page that holds a three tag mini album to put some smaller pics on.
My theme was Christmas morning...and since I know how many pics I take on x mas morning..
the more photo space the better!

My other page will hold a 3.5 x 5" photo

July Grab Bag Swap

In keeping with my idea to recycle and love of prim!
I made my toppers out of old book paper.  I hand stamped my S monogram on cardstock and attached it with a staple.  I included a grungy hang tag with my items. I just got done with these!

My grungy hang tag. 

1 cup coffee
1 cup tea
2 tsp cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon
2 drops of cinnamon nutmeg oil

dip tags...bake in 200 degree oven x 15 minutes to dry.
Ink and stamp over hole reinforcers and add to tag.
Add hemp string.
Ink edges.

Fill large sandwich bag with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.
Place all tags in bag x 3 days to absorb the aroma.

Love how they turned out!!

{have a simply beautiful day}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

trying it out

i busted out my new sewing machine and emma and I made
(as she calls it) a Coraline doll!  It's so ugly, it's cute!!

We filled her with rice and added pink embroidery thread around the outside
and yellow ric-rac for her mouth.

Today is Jacob's 6th birthday!!
He's having a Toy Story party...and he incidentally, just got
back from the movie Toy Story 3 where my sister took him.
Loved it!!

I made this card for him...the figurines are from the packaging of his
present (hello...recycle!)

I'll post more pics later of his party!

Nick and I also got our new phones today..i'm such a dork!
I don't know how to use mine at all!  I did get all my contacts in
and text messaged my friend Lynn! 


Friday, July 16, 2010


Changes.  Not bad one's.  Just a new direction.  In my quest to prepare my house for selling, I've re discovered my interest in antiques and primitives.  Why did I ever leave??  I love the whole look.  Simple.  Beautiful.  I've been surfing blogs about country primitives and could just sit all day and look at the samples.  Umm.  I'm kind of scrapbooked out (what???).  Nah, just need to take a little break and rejuvenate my spirit.  I'm sure I will find a way to incorporate my scrapbooking/altered art stuff into this whole newly rediscovered love of prim.  I'm going to allow myself about three months to spread my creativity in a new direction.  I wont' ever leave the scrap scene..love it too much!

Just a few things....

Madi just swinging the afternoon away...

sam always a sucker to go bye-bye car!

sam has a fetish with beer..

could he have a future as a bartender???

when he's not drinking he's eating COOKIES!!

Hi mom! (doesnt' she look like she's waving??)

Hope they have something like a
Valley Farm Market in Georgia!
But I do wish they would fix the cow heads!

looking for a movie...siskel and ebert...

this picture says "boys" to me!
jacobs cars all neatly lined up on my dining room table.


so join me friends as I explore my new interest in primitives and see what I come up with!
Never know, maybe it will all be mixed in together!!

(have a beautiful day)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's going on this week?

Busy week so far at our house....bust out the paint rollers!!  I started the massive repainting of the living room project (well, not MASSIVE, but i do have to re-do all the trimwork..ugh!).  I love my new color, its "Macadamia Nut"..beigy with a little butter yellow.  The room looks so much bigger and brighter!  I didn't realize how bad the old paint looked until the first two walls were done.  And just to show you how I always incorporate my scrapook supplies into my home dec stuff...

the pic is a little grainy, but it's one of my favorite larger stamps!
I used my STAZ-ON ink pad in black to stamp the image on top of each of my door frames throughout the house.  Love the look!

Emma and Jacob also got busy painting yesterday...they both built birdhouses and then painted them.
I'll post pics of the finished projects when they are all done.
(nice shirt emma!  momma made her take it off so she didn't get pain all over it!)


And in other BIG NEWS....who is this young lad?
Clean shaven and EMPLOYED!!!

Nicholas got his very first job today with Stabler Concessions. 
With any luck he'll be able to work the Eagles Training Camp coming up in three weeks!


My Scrappy Stuff this week...

This layout is all about Sam...our little cutie. 
See those cute little chipboard animals again! 
Love the rooster!  This sketch is for the Sketchy Thursday's August Guest Designer Challenge.  I used the color yellow with my chipboard rooster and the flower was handmade from a flower swap I did a while ago.  I also painted the chip letters (sam) and then stamped them with two different stamps. I love how they turned out. 


and this photo just is tooooooo cute!


Happy day all!

Friday, July 9, 2010

that big old zucchini

Remember that big old zucchini Emma grew in the garden?  Well my neighbor Lucy gave me a fabulous idea to cut it and stuff it!  It's cooking right now and it smells delicious!!

I'll let you know how it was!!!

While that was cooking, I finished up this layout with Jacob's school photos from last year.  These were extra pics you could get done...from Christmas City Studio!  I love how sophisticated and grown up he looks!

Love this paper line...Mammarazzi!!  This layout is for the Sketchy Thursday 7.8 challenge.  I added in some extra stamping flourishes..just because I love them!  Did a little heat embossing (all the gold stuff and the red heart) and do you love the blue polka dotted bull?  Whole package of MS chipboard animals for $1 at Big Lots!!  Find of the
day and I also got a beautiful MS album for $4!! 

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Get creating!

Oh boy this week at Frosted Designs it's all about that fuzzy stuff....felt!  Head on over and check out their challenge....click here!

Isn't it a little sketchy?  Well, more than that...check out sketchy thursday's weekly challenge....links on the sidebar....

I've got two layouts and a mini sitting on my craft desk...maybe some time today I can get to scrapping :)

Don't forget to join me this week at Practical Scrappers for their animation challenge...here's one I did that I am entering...

One fine day my kids found my mascara..
the end result looked like they were Marilyn Manson

what have your children been into today????

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The most beautiful girl(s) in my world...

I spent the day getting some sunshine in this overwhelming heat and broke out my camera for a few pics of the kids.  I wonder where this smart little girl came from.  Oooh, she's gonna be high maintenance.  She kicked her brother where it counts today...look out boys!  But to see her, you wouldn't think this little imp has it in her...

that little wisp of hair that always hangs down...

our mop of hair that I love!
She has the most beautiful color hair...
all shades of brown and blonde...
beautiful up or down...
i always wanted hair like that
but my mom insisted on the bowl cut!!

little miss stinker face

sometimes shy

always silly...you can't believe the guffaw
that comes out of this little girl...
she snorts when she laughs!!

EMMA GENEVA...my little girl


and baby Madi...working on those upper teeth

she's so cuddly and sweet....
love her to pieces...

and then there's the pool shark....circling his prey....

got some beautiful photos today that I can't wait
to scrap....

have a beautiful weekend and
enjoy your children!