Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat and Amusement Parks!

Friday night in Bethlehem....6 pm sharp...the goblins and ghouls are coming out!!

The kids had been waiting patiently for trick or treat to begin...sam however, had a little fit on the floor prior to the start and needed some "alone" time...hee hee!

Nicholas graciously took his post as the official "candy man"
...his plan was to check out the chicks i think!

our yard looked enchantingly spooky and eerie sounds filled the night...
the background music was all about the movie..Coraline.

jacob rooting around in the front yard...

sam was the most hilarious...he ran from our porch to Lucy's porch.  He also
began to reverse trick or treat and tried handing his candy out to the people who came up!

Madi the Bee...isn't she bee-u-ti-ful?

After trick or treat, we cleaned up, stashed the candy so the kids wouldn't eat it all and
I had big plans to watch some scare movies...somehow though, I crashed early!

Saturday was all about Halloween Fun at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg...
a little disappointing that more kiddie rides weren't open, but it turned out ok :)

Nick and Jacob on the rockets!!  Love the wig.. a loaner from my mom!!

at the haunted and spooky bridge!

nice wig dude!

My favorite ride was the train and we also rode the Phoenix at and scary!
It really does come off the tracks!!

The scariest ride of all was the antique cars!  My mom, Nick, Jacob and Emma went on and the kids were scared to death because people were jumping on the backs of the cards and screaming!!

sunday afternoon...

We braved a little wind and enjoyed the Bethlehem Halloween Parade..  Madi slept in the stroller the whole time and Sam had more fun running around...oh well, the bands were great, but I miss all the old floats they used to have!

Sam just wants to say that he endorses


hope you had a great halloween weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

feeling spooky....

well tonight is trick or treat night AND the kids halloween parties at school.  Last night while Jacob was at his Cub scout party, Emmy and Sam tried on some favorite for Sam is the penguin.  it's too funny!

Mr. Choo-Choo!

To get ready for a spooky time tonight, Nick and I carved our pumpkins.  We saved the seeds and sauteed them in butter and added kosher salt...delicious!

our pumpkins...(left to right) my pumpkin with the charlie brown shirt mouth (we watched "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown" last that brought back some memories!!), emma's is next (carved by daddy), then there's nicks super cool warty pumpkin!  I love how it looks!  They all will look awesome all lit up on the stoop tonight!

emma's party favors.  i blanket stitched two pieces of felt together, we glued glitter felt eyes, mouths and noses on.  Then I added a cookie inside (wrapped in cellophane (oatmeal with raisins,m&m's and lots of nuts) then added two pixie sticks tied with green ribbon as the stem and leaves!  I love how they turned out!

our yummy pumpkin seeds all wrapped up and ready to go!

more chocolate dipped pretzel sticks for the party...

Apricot bars...omg...delicious!  saving these for trick or treat tonight
as a "healthier" snack!

Now, off to shower and get the kids dressed to do the school halloween is looking a little gloomy..hope the rain holds off!!

stay spooky!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


We had an afternoon filled with brilliant sunshine and a warm wind whipping the fallen leaves around.  Hard to believe that in a month or two the flowers will be all gone, the trees barren and a wintry chill will be in the air. 

But for now, here;s a glimpse into our backyard...

my yellow mums

between lucy's and my house...scattered leavees

my still blooming clematis...

what a grin :)

don't you love the smell of crunch dry leaves?

headed somewhere?  wish i was!

always loved the tassles on my tricycle too...

speed demon

pickets and pretty...

hope you are having a lovely fall day 2....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party Fun

so the party was blessed with gorgeous weather and no rain!!  yeh!  Our little goblins began arriving around 4 pm...i think we had 8 or 9 in all!

We played lots of fun party games....ate lots of goodies and everyone got prizes! 
We had two devils, Jessie the cowgirl, a transformer, a spider witch, the tooth fairy, super girl, wonder woman and Flash Gordon even made an appearance (our only boy!!)

everyone piled on top of the ghastly pirate ship to snack...

everyone enjoyed some pizza...

The Mad Hatter!

we played the mummy wrap game too!

note to toilet paper works best!!

unbelievably this was my living room AFTER the party...since the weather was so nice...everyone stayed outside!!  SCORE!!  a SUPER big thank you to the mom's who stayed to help with the party!  I know there are more pics out there, but since i was the party lady i didn't get to take lots!  At the end of the party, each kiddie got to pick a small pumpkin to decorate!


I think the kids had a really great time and we did too!
the spooky punch with the floating hand was a big hit and
it was pretty yummy to drink!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun

Here's some daily activities and fun at the pumpkin patch....!!!jacob in his Tiger Scout uniform getting ready for a pack meeting....

sam enjoying his pb and marshmallow sandwich...

baby madi...almost one!

my son...Poncho.  Need I say more?  Ladies...he's single! 
He'll even wear his poncho on a date!

Ring around the rosie in the kitchen....

Pumpkin Patch...Unangst Tree Farm, Bethlehem, PA
We decided to head out to Unangst Farms this year (we usually get our x mas tree here)
because the other pumpkin patch we had been going to was getting a little too commercialized and
carn-i :)...we had a great time here....

this was so was a shed and the whole floor was filled with corn kernals..
kind of like a sand box, but with corn!  Kids had a blast in here.  Sadly, sam also found a discarded Oreo among the corn and decided to munch on it...yuk!

looking for signs in the corn maze!

pumpkin painting!

Working on party treats!!  Party is today!  Skewered gummy worms and ghosts!

48 cupcakes later.....frosted now and sprinkled with orange  black and topped with yummy candy corns!

everyone has been stealing fro this!! including me!

more yummy treats!

The party starts at 4pm today...we have lots to do yet, we decorated the  yard last night, put up our lights
and cleared the yard out for games.  Still have to make Harvest Popcorn and get all the games together....I'll post pics later of all the little goblins arriving....gonna be a great time!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

simplify: chipboard alpha giveaway

So, you may think i've gone off the deep end but i am so into this simplify movement.  i get it.  really do.  what an eye opener.  i can see how i just accumulate STUFF...for no reason.  maybe it was on sale, maybe it was cute.  I'm really teaching myself to question my purchases.  Do i need it?  will i wear it? why do i want it?  I de-cluttered my kitchen last night.  Took (unbelievable) 6 boxes to Goodwill today.  And a breadmaker and cuisinart ice cream maker because they have been cluttering up my cabinets for like the past 5 years.  taking up space for what?  nothing.  so i'll pass them onto someone who will use them.  i'm rather fond right now of making my bread by hand! 

now, if you know me, you know i scrapbook.  i've fallen off the bandwagon a bit though.  not sure where that creative outlet is going.  so i asked myself, what product do you own that you have lots of, but never use.  and my answer is chipboard letters.  they are so enticing.  you see them, you think you'll use them, but I for one, never do.  not sure why.  maybe i just like to look at them.  Well, for now, I'm tired of looking at them so I'm giving them away...if you want any chipboard alpha letters and I have all shapes, colors and sizes, just send me an e mail to and i'll mail you some.  rather see them go to someone who will use them, than sit in a container in my attic.  i thank you in advance for helping me unclutter my life!!

have a happy day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

halloween party fun

I've been working on these today...award pins for the kids costume, love, love how they turned out!  who says you can't do something with glitter and foam!!!

and these are our handmade bean bags for the pumpkin bean bag toss...

and this is our pumpkin...jig sawed out of an old piece of plywood...hopefully I'll get to paint him today!

what kind of fun are you planning???