Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to the Fair!

Last night we visited the opening night of the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair here in Statesboro....the kids had a blast, I ate ate my first fried snickers bar and we all went on the ferris wheel!  After I got home, I realized I had signed up to work (sorry everyone!).  We had a great time, saw some friends and lots of "interesting" folks, lol!

hey baby, wanna ride?

my favorite part of the Fair was the chickens of course!

my three little piggies!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last Sunday my husband and I headed down the hall from our own Sunday School class to pick up the kids at their classrooms. He headed down the hall, but Sam's Sunday School teacher laughingly pulled me into the room.  She was covering her face, giggling and said "OMG, Sam is so cute.".  I apologized and said "What did he do now?".  Lol, always Sam. 

Seems Sammy was sitting next to her at Children's Church and was enamored by her "heart".  His exact words were "I lush (love, in Samanese) u heart." All the while RUBBING her boob.  Then he says, as he moves his hand over and discovers her other boob..."Oh u has two hearts.  I lush them.  They so soft.".

My response?  "Well, he was breastfed."

Reason 4, 356,783 why we are going to get kicked out of church.

Way to cop a feel, Sam.