Monday, August 1, 2011


Now, I've been bitten by the crafty bug and the desire to create something, anything!  Halloween at Hobby Lobby started it...and my desire to get my Etsy shoppe up and running again.  Last week found me in the craft room (whose floor is still NOT finished) tinkering about with some of this stuff...

upcycling fruit smilie boxes! 

re-working old book pages and a printed bag...

using up scraps!

I've had these in my stash like FOREVER...and didnt realize what there were until i punched them out and folded them up!  how funny...i actually found lot of stuff I forgot I had!

love these...found them on another site...backing is cardboard box and since I LOVE halloween so much,
I busted out my goodies and made a few! 

re purposed cookie sheet from Goodwill...drawings compliments of Emma.

this is Emma's backpack tag I made her so she has a super special

mini albums...these will be on my ETSY...:)

gotta love many uses!

we'll see what this transforms into :)

Lots of crafty goodness going on and now since the kiddo's are back in school, I may get a little bit more done.  Seems like i always come up with another project before I finish the last one though!  I've also been checking out much inspiration there!

What have you created? 


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  1. I've decided to have at least 15 min. of creativity a day! But, I'm slow, so I doubt I would come anywhere close to getting as much as you have!


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