Monday, August 22, 2011


Yesay I was bit by the sewing but...well, I've been dong little projects but I was reading an article on a fav blog of mine (Rhythm of the Home) and it talked about using up our supplies and not letting clutter get in the way of your crafting.  The stuff is there for you to craft with right...not collect!  I must say I am guilty of that...I can't possibly use that..I might need it for a bigger better project! 

I'm inlove with ruffles right now so I added some to these cute bags I made.  The bags are lined with coordinating fabric and the handles are braided muslin.

Now, I haven't perfected my sewing skills, but every project helps!  I'm a learn as you go kind of chick...but I love how these turned out.  I even added a pocket to the front onf the red and black one.  I have had that polka dotted fabric for so long and it was a heavy canvas so it's perfect for a bag.  The red and green one reminds me of apples!

What have you sewn today??


Molly is finding her way into eveyone's hearts in the family.  She's really an extraordinarily sweet dog for what she's probably had to go through in her life.  I'm trying to have everyone take part in caring for her since she is the family dog...not just my responsibility. 

Molly is very tolerant of Madison who really likes to be "all up in her snout". 

Jacob knows he has to clean up after his doggie! 

Now if you recall last week I had to take a kitten to the shelter...remember?  Well if you look closely on the right side of this will see said kitty's sister.  Which Molly chased up the tree.  Honestly, these kittens just stroll right on in!  This one just walks right up to Molly like there's nothing to be afraid of.  Molly broke her collar yesterday in her haste to get the cat!

This would be Madison (left) trying to befriend said kitty (right) that I don't want on my porch!
Hmmmm....who else used to bring every stray home?

And here's the partially done chicken coop.....

I guess the girls were just trying it out!  Either that or they are telling their pop to get a move on and get it done!

happy day!


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