Saturday, October 1, 2011

New arrivals and the fall festival

The mailman brought this suspiciously chirping package to the door on Tuesday....

and inside were our newest chickie additions!  From left to right is Laverne and Shirley, they are a New Hampshire Red and a Buff Orpington:  the bigger black one is Coraline, a Jersey Giant: the more shite one is Barbie (named after our poor deceased Barbie) her breed escapes me right now.  The smaller black one was (she passed on Thursday evening, poor little thing) a Barred Rock Plymouth Bantam.  The rest of the flock is doing well.  They are a little more skittish than I remember the other girls being, but they are eating and drinking and growing!  They are a noisy little bunch too!

Brooklet Elementary Fall Festival

Goodies I made for the cake walk:
Caramel Turtle Brownies
Summer Harvest Cake

Rainy Day Basket

this basket was filled with all kinds of kids craft to do inside on a rainy day....
I dontated it to be auctioned.

Jacob and Emma at the entrance...lots of fun inside!

Emma didn't hit the target with the ball, so at the end she just went up and hit it...sending Stephanie into the cold water!!! 

Boingy antennae...lots of games to play:  lawn dice, fishing game, putt-putt, milk bottles!


Ms. Madi thoroughly enjoyed this blue raspberry snow cone! 

Coming off the playground after some good hard play!

Cake walk:  emma won some yummy Rugala!

Dancing to the computer!

me and the gang...waiting for the raffle to be drawn!

We had such a great time at the festival....what a great school my kids go to!!

happy day!


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