Wednesday, October 12, 2011

crafting the day away...

Today was a busy, busy day for me.  I spent the morning doing my online classes, then decided it was time to get to crafting.  My sewing machine has been whispering my name, begging to be used.  So today I obliged her and whipped up this pretty bag....

I love the outside fabric!  The inside is lined in mustard yellow muslin.  I even made a pocket and used up some scraps to embellish it. 

To male the handles I sewed on four tabs and added a split ring.  I braided three pieces of muslin together for strength and tied them to the rings...voila!  Instant handles!  This bag will only get prettier with each washing as the edge of the pockets will fray a little more.  I will have it for sale on the Market place site...


Now, my fabric came rolled around these two cardboard pieces.....
I've got plans for them as well (wink, wink)

This is a bag I made a few days ago.  It's kind of an everyday can store stuff in it, use it to go to the library, for a grocery bag, or just to put around the house things in to keep them pretty.  It also features the braided handles...this is also on the Marketplace. :)


What you ask can you do with 7 ft of cotton twine and a whole bunch of leftover fabrics?
You can make this.....

A rag pretty!
Picture this swagged over a doorway or across a mantle...
or even wrapped around your {dare I say it?}
Christmas tree?

Very prim I think!

{Garland #2}

Oh, this is so french stained muslin, dropcloth
 (my new favorite thing to use for home dec stuff), and red toile fabric. 
 All tied in a big fluffy mess onto cotton twine.  This would be beautiful to decorate your home from the
holidays, or even Valentine's Day (you could hang little hearts from it too!)

This too, will only get better with age as it frays some more!

Well, that's it!  All my crafty goodness done in one day! 
If you like any of these items they are available on
the Marketplace....

happy day to you all!


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  1. So excited I found your blog via The Shabby Creek Cottage! Love your creations and I'm your newest follower!


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