Monday, October 3, 2011

vultures and sandoxes

This morning while sitting on the deck, I spied two large vultures at the edge of our pond.  I went down to
investigate and apparently stirred them up (or ticked them off) a bit.  I heard a huge rushing noise then the sound of wings ferociously pumping in the air...and there was the heron (middle of the pic) being followed by two of the big old vultures!  They are just massive...not sure what everyone was doing around the pond...maybe fishing, maybe frogging?

Look at the wingspan on this bird...they circle and circle and circle my yard all day long.
Kind of creepy :0


little ghouls welcoming you up onto the be met by four other little ghouls!

We spent the weekend burning leaves and rotted trees pulled from the pond.
It was like camping...only I wasn't stuck in a tent!
Smelled great!  We got tons of stuff done, the compost pile is moved, the rotting old pile of plywood is gone
and today hopefully the rest of the wood from the deck will get moved behind the shed.


Molly having a stretch.  Let me tell you this dog takes alot.
These kids pest her, poke her, and tease her all day long.
And she just keeps right on playing...

On my list of " 101 uses for leftover wood from the deck" was a sandbox.
A few cuts with the saw, hubby nailed it all together, 10 bags of playsand and
it's another opportunity  for fun for everyone!  Kids love it!

Hope you had a busy fun filled weekend too!


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