Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair

welcome to the fair!!

This is Chase's Racing and Swimming I didn't get a shot of the pigs, but they race around this little track and for the last two races they DIVE into this pool and swim!   It's hilarious because they all do bellyflops!


These guys did an awesome job!  On the show I saw on Monday, the guy in the red pants rode the OUTSIDE of the spinning skull thing.  It was unbelievable. 

the lights at night....

daddy and sam hamming it up at the fair....

Poor Miss Madi rode the whole time...she loved watching all the lights
 and ruckus going on around her.  She had some funnel cake and french fries too!

Please note you only see Sam's afro in the middle!!!
He is JUST 3 ft tall so he was limited in what he could ride!
He went through this playland/slide thing and climbed a whole
net wall!  He kills me!

Ferris wheel at night...

All I can say is Sam fits right in down South!!


No, the kid with the afro is not mine...the OTHER kid with the afro next to him
 is mine (but you can't see him cause he's so short!!!!)

$5 a shot fishing pond...oh the fair!!

Stinky, stinky camels...they look so funny when they chew!!
There was a kangaroo, a spider monkey, a pony and a yak in
there too!!

homemade goodness


(there ya go Monica!!!)

We had an awesome time at the fair and the kids LOVED it!

see ya next year!!!!

hope you had fun this weekend!!


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