Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over the rainbow x2

This was a first for me...after a big old thunderstorm yesterday this showed up on the eastern sky.....

a double rainbow!

the lower one was much brighter than the top, but it was still pretty cool~
wonder if there are two pots of gold???

Ms. Molly with her bone.  She sits on the table outside during the storms...lol!

These foam pumpkins are getting an overhaul.  They were black, but I'm painting them a neutral color and adding some polka dots after seeing Jane's pumpkin over at Cottage at the Crossroads.  So cute~
I had a pretty bowl that reminded me so much of her pumpkin but it was broken last year.  I forgot where I got it but I'd love to replace it!  Thanks for the inspiration Jane!

I should be done with their transformation later today and then I'll unveil them!

happy day!


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