Wednesday, October 5, 2011

one week

The chicks were one week old yesterday!  They are already losing their downy coat and it's being replaced by feathers.  They are even getting little tail cute!

They are pretty skittish when you do anything near can see by the blur in this photo!!

Front and center...I thik this is Laverne (her sister Shirley is right behind her!!) 
She's got some pretty brown feathers coming in.  I believe she's the New Hampshire Red.

The other gals (Lulu and Chloe) have been out and about in the yard in the early evening.  They love
to root around and look for bugs.  And when it gets dark, they come up to the deck and look in the house windows!  They kill me!  Then the kids and I walk them back down to their pen.  They follow us and if they feel they are too far behind they start running really fast and sometimes fly...hilarious to watch.  Who would have thought these silly birds would find their way into my heart? 

Yesterday I drove the lawn tractor for the first time!  Even moved about a 1/3 of the lawn.  The dragonflies are just huge here...and everywhere!!  As I drove around the yard, they were flitting about everywhere.  This morning the heron was visiting the pond again, scooping up the remaining fish that perished in the attempt to clean up the pond...won't do that again.  We did however, see Big Ralph, the big old guy that Nick caught once.  We threw some bread in, but he wouldn't even bite.  Probably learned his lesson after being caught once!  He seems to be the reigning kind of the pond...him and Mr. Turtle. 

Funny, how we came here with two cats and now we have 1 dog, 3 cats, 6 chickens, a turtle and a whole bunch of frogs!  Our pond seems to be a feeding ground for the neighborhood stray cats....frog legs!  Yuck!

happy day to you all!
Enjoy the cooler weather!


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