Sunday, October 23, 2011

Transition Day

Yesterday was the big day!!  The four "little" girls joined the two "BIG" girls in the coop.
Now, Lulu and Chloe were out and about in the yard eating bugs and hanging out on
the deck.  I carried the little one's down and put them in the pen.  They pecked around and we showed them the coop part, where they all promptly jumped out the door and fell to the ground (chickens aren't so smart sometimes!!)  Lulu and Chloe came over and there was a WHOLE LOT OF SQUAWKING from Lulu
about someone else being in her HOUSE!

The girls got adjusted, pecked, scratched and then it was time to introduce
Chloe and Lulu....

(digging up the woodpile)

Lulu chased a few of the little one's around the pen, pecked at them, but all in all
they seemed to get acclimated to each other.  When we got home from the fair last night, I went out to check on them.  I found the four babies huddled outside the coop.  I picked them all up and placed them
inside the coop (much to Lulu's dismay).  They settled into their little nesting box.  I returned one more time due to the sounds of Lulu's squawking (just to make sure she wasn't being a big old bully).
All was fine and this morning, everyone was still in the coop eating their mash. 
Chloe and Lulu I let out early to go eat their bugs. 
Lulu's acting a litle strange...I think she needs to lay an egg!!!

Happy chickens!


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