Wednesday, October 12, 2011

vintage stuff and mailbox goodies!

I found this sweet sewing box on Craigslist....this is Ms. Madi modeling it for you!

It all folds out and has little compartments all over.  I can't wait to stuff it full of my sewing goodies!
What a cool find.  Not sure how "vintage" it is, or if it just has the look, either way...i like it!!


The girls are molting and losing all their downy little fluff to make way for their pretty
feathers (and true color).  So they are a little bit gawky, teenagerish looking this week, but still funny!
They are still pretty skittish, but will peck your hand if you hold it still in the pen and Laverne even hopped right into my hand last night.  They squawk like crazy if you pick them up and take them out though...must be nice and snuggly under their light!


....need I say more?  We'll just say Emmy got a Cinderella costume for Halloween and meathead decided to try on the tiara...Oh Lord.

little ms. serious face.  She has a perpetual whale spout hair do these days...cute!


I recieved my with feet in the mail yesterday!  They came from swampwaterprimitives on Etsy.
If you love prim halloween stuff like me, you should go check her out!!
Aren't they so cute!!!  I love them! 

Oragami Boats

Just a little diddy I did with the kids yesterday....our pond is getting fuller and I thought it would be fun to make boats to float in it...these are our little samples...funny and they don't just sink!  I think you can put wax on the bottoms to make them a little sturdier...ummm might try that today!

happy day to all!


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  1. sue i just LOVE your sewing box! great find!


Thank you for the love!