Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat and Amusement Parks!

Friday night in Bethlehem....6 pm sharp...the goblins and ghouls are coming out!!

The kids had been waiting patiently for trick or treat to begin...sam however, had a little fit on the floor prior to the start and needed some "alone" time...hee hee!

Nicholas graciously took his post as the official "candy man"
...his plan was to check out the chicks i think!

our yard looked enchantingly spooky and eerie sounds filled the night...
the background music was all about the movie..Coraline.

jacob rooting around in the front yard...

sam was the most hilarious...he ran from our porch to Lucy's porch.  He also
began to reverse trick or treat and tried handing his candy out to the people who came up!

Madi the Bee...isn't she bee-u-ti-ful?

After trick or treat, we cleaned up, stashed the candy so the kids wouldn't eat it all and
I had big plans to watch some scare movies...somehow though, I crashed early!

Saturday was all about Halloween Fun at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg...
a little disappointing that more kiddie rides weren't open, but it turned out ok :)

Nick and Jacob on the rockets!!  Love the wig.. a loaner from my mom!!

at the haunted and spooky bridge!

nice wig dude!

My favorite ride was the train and we also rode the Phoenix at and scary!
It really does come off the tracks!!

The scariest ride of all was the antique cars!  My mom, Nick, Jacob and Emma went on and the kids were scared to death because people were jumping on the backs of the cards and screaming!!

sunday afternoon...

We braved a little wind and enjoyed the Bethlehem Halloween Parade..  Madi slept in the stroller the whole time and Sam had more fun running around...oh well, the bands were great, but I miss all the old floats they used to have!

Sam just wants to say that he endorses


hope you had a great halloween weekend!

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