Tuesday, October 5, 2010

patience and things to be thankful for

I seem to be lacking alot of patience lately, or maybe I just notice it more.  Everything around us seems to fast, have to get this done...go there, now!   Whatever happened to good old fashioned take your time and relish in the moment?  Umm, too much to do in 24 hours and if you don't get it all done, well then?  Instead of worrying about appearances, I'm going to worry, just today, about what is important to me.  So my goal today and everyday is to learn patience. 

Breathe.  Put it in perspective.  Tolerate.  Create.  One at a Time.  Keep your eye on the prize. 


enjoy your life today.


5 things i am thankful for today.

1.  a hug from sam in the kitchen.
2.  emma watercoloring at the table
3.  the rain
4.  being able to be home with my kids
5.  exploring and inquisitive children

what are you thankful for today?

if something upsets you or irritates you, ask yourself to see the positive in it.  it will change your perspective.

     emma was banging on my coffee cup with a whisk this morning.  Yes, it annoyed me.  But i tried to see the positive and told her that it was beautiful music she was making.  little moments like this add up.  it helps.

have a happy day.

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