Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun

Here's some daily activities and fun at the pumpkin patch....!!!jacob in his Tiger Scout uniform getting ready for a pack meeting....

sam enjoying his pb and marshmallow sandwich...

baby madi...almost one!

my son...Poncho.  Need I say more?  Ladies...he's single! 
He'll even wear his poncho on a date!

Ring around the rosie in the kitchen....

Pumpkin Patch...Unangst Tree Farm, Bethlehem, PA
We decided to head out to Unangst Farms this year (we usually get our x mas tree here)
because the other pumpkin patch we had been going to was getting a little too commercialized and
carn-i :)...we had a great time here....

this was so was a shed and the whole floor was filled with corn kernals..
kind of like a sand box, but with corn!  Kids had a blast in here.  Sadly, sam also found a discarded Oreo among the corn and decided to munch on it...yuk!

looking for signs in the corn maze!

pumpkin painting!

Working on party treats!!  Party is today!  Skewered gummy worms and ghosts!

48 cupcakes later.....frosted now and sprinkled with orange  black and topped with yummy candy corns!

everyone has been stealing fro this!! including me!

more yummy treats!

The party starts at 4pm today...we have lots to do yet, we decorated the  yard last night, put up our lights
and cleared the yard out for games.  Still have to make Harvest Popcorn and get all the games together....I'll post pics later of all the little goblins arriving....gonna be a great time!!


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