Monday, November 1, 2010

A not so good start to the week...:(

Ok, well I'm hoping this is NOT how the week is going to continue.  I ran into my neighbors car this morning pulling back into my parking spot.  I guess, I just turned too soon.  Umm.  So, I call the insurance agent, file a police report and try to get ahold of my neighbor, but he's not answering.  So, the officer was let's say a little, ummm, rude?  Turns out, he was probably trying to keep me from getting my little gift for the citation for $109.50!!!  He said its the administration, not the police that make me pay.  It's my fault though so I really have no problem paying it. Like, really, I have a big scratch on my car, am I going to tell them I didn't do it?  If more people would accept responsiblity for their actions, there would be less waste of time in the judicial system.  So, I am.  Accepting responsiblity.  It was an accident.  No points.  No insurance hikes.  No co-pay.  Thank Goodness.  Just the ribbing I am going to take from my husband and son.  :)

and i found this nice little site for anyone who is interested in saving $$$$ this holiday season...we are going simple at my stress, no malls, no "what am i going to get them", no "let's just buy this"...

lots of great ideas...whether you are crafty or not...check it out!

happy november!

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