Monday, October 4, 2010

i don't like hackers...

so last night i am blogging about looking for vintage halloween stuff and i click on this site and WHAMO!  Security alerts!!!  Trojans!!  so i freak out and am like Danny!  it's another virus!!  well, seems it is some kind of virus, one that wants you to buy their security upgrade.  Luckily my husband was able to find the file it downloaded and get it off.  Luckily  nothing else was compromised, but it sure looked real.  the clincher was our McAfee didn't recognize it.  so my husband quickly figured out it was all a fraud virus to get you to buy this security system.  what a bunch of jerks people are!


so i am so into this vintage/retro halloween party i am having for the kids!!  we decorated yesterday (i'll post some photos later today) and I want to work on some homemade vintage decorations with the kids today.  how much fun can you have with pipe cleaners and crepe paper??  did i mention how much i love paper mache?  lol!  if anyone has any great ideas for halloween party favors/table decor on a budget, send them  my way please...always love to hear your ideas!

happy haunting!

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