Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party Fun

so the party was blessed with gorgeous weather and no rain!!  yeh!  Our little goblins began arriving around 4 pm...i think we had 8 or 9 in all!

We played lots of fun party games....ate lots of goodies and everyone got prizes! 
We had two devils, Jessie the cowgirl, a transformer, a spider witch, the tooth fairy, super girl, wonder woman and Flash Gordon even made an appearance (our only boy!!)

everyone piled on top of the ghastly pirate ship to snack...

everyone enjoyed some pizza...

The Mad Hatter!

we played the mummy wrap game too!

note to self...cheap toilet paper works best!!

unbelievably this was my living room AFTER the party...since the weather was so nice...everyone stayed outside!!  SCORE!!  a SUPER big thank you to the mom's who stayed to help with the party!  I know there are more pics out there, but since i was the party lady i didn't get to take lots!  At the end of the party, each kiddie got to pick a small pumpkin to decorate themselves..fun!


I think the kids had a really great time and we did too!
the spooky punch with the floating hand was a big hit and
it was pretty yummy to drink!


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