Friday, October 1, 2010

my day

here's what my day consists of...usually always the same, never dull though!

wake up to
     a.  a creaking door opening up
     b.  a "hi mommy"
     c.  my husband walking into the room
time for contacts in and a fresh ponytail.
downstairs to pour out the milk (no tops by mom please)
cheerios for sam, baba for sissy, granola for emma, oatmeal for jacob, last nights dinner for nick (ha)
back upstairs to put out clothes and toothbrushes
downstairs for my coffee (caramel drizzle is on the menu this week)
send Jacob up, send emma up
dress sam in the living room
diaper changes all around
maddie to the throne for self fed cheerios
check real estate listings
clear out?  in the bike stroller by 8:30 for the trip to school! otherwise saddle them all up and drive!
walk/drive back
start the wash/madi's exploring time
dinner plans?
lunch and a movie!
try to decipher sam's developing vocabulary (ha ha)
emmy to school and avoid the parking authority!
naptime for sam and lunch for maddie! more exploring!
crafty time/blog time (well, sometimes)
more wash...ugh!
Nick's home...a little tv maybe?
off to get the kiddies from school
dinner prep
tubby time for all!
negotiate hair washing with emma...not again! "do I have to wash my hair?"
story time
night night!

what's your day like?


Well, the rain has finally subsided.  In it's wake though I have a rather droopy bathroom ceiling that is going to need to be taken down.  Sent husband up into the cubby hole last night to ascertain the problem.  There's a board up there that is saturated and dripping onto the ceiling.  Some hole in the roof.  He has an ingenious idea (that I quickly squelch) about going out on the roof to fix the hole...really?  in a tropical storm.  Make sure your life insurance is paid up in full thanks!  Or better yet, why don't I just push you out the window?  Sometimes I wonder.  Not to much other damage though, just some blown around fall decor in the yard.  Down the street there is a car with a really big branch laying on top of it.  Ugh!  Had the air on last night because it was so dang humid.  Off this morning though for a treat of 58 degrees (loving it)

Last night Madi developed that barky little cough I know quite well...croup.  Better today.  Ummm...not another trip to the doctor, ugh! She snuggled up with me all night in bed and seemed ok.  Such a sweety. 

Jacob went to his Tiger Scout signup last night...woo hoo!  He learned the sign for "silence". Umm, i should try that!

hope to take some pics today and post them over the weekend.  have a great day all!

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