Sunday, June 5, 2011

sermons, smoothies and chickens

so today i finally got myself to church.  well, i'm thinking there was definitely a reason (from above) to get me there because the sermon was about having a relationship with God and about how we as a generation are so caught up in materialistic things and constantly searching, searching for something to make us happy.  and you know what? we never do find it.  unless we find Him.  He is the only way we will find peace in our hearts and be truly happy.  it was such a "smack me in the face" light bulb moment as i sat there in church, my arm wrapped around Jacob's shoulder.  it all made sense.  all the things i've been thinking about in the past few months, the getting rid of stuff, the need to be somewhere else, doing something well, more meaningful and closer to earth.  i guess i have somewhat been on the right path then, He's leading me somewhere so it's high time i just trust Him and let Him lead.  Brother Edminston is so funny.  He claims he's a redneck preacher, he's so down to earth and he really makes you think about where you are going and where you are coming from.  He makes you understand that its not about being a member of a church that means anything, it's whether you have accepted Him.  beautiul sermon and really quite meaningful.  i just visited a blog i read daily and she talked about getting "perspective" for her and her girls and how they are going to start volunteering.  because that's what it's about, not what you can attain for yourself...but how you can help others. 

I had something happen to me this week that really stuck in my head about how mean people are to one another.  let's just say i was somewhere and was asked to go with someone.  well, i left after i thought my services were over, and when the person came out of the place they asked me why I had left.  so i said, I'm sorry, i thought that's all you needed me for.  well apparently there was a disagreement between the two and one person wanted me there as a witness.  i geniunely thought the person had been really rude, but i didn't say that to them.  i just kept my mouth shut but i did go talk to the other person and try to make them feel better.  afterwards i thought, i should have spoke up, i should have said something, but i didn't.  it just struck me as odd that someone wanted me to stick up for their rudeness and meanness.  so i make this promise to myself to speak up next time, no matter what consequences it might have for me because it's just not right how mean people are to each other.  if more people were kinder, this would be a better place all around. 
some days i'm the pot calling the kettle black on this one though.  it's been a trying week with the kids and the hubby because well, sometimes that just happens.  i know that's one thing i should definitely add to my prayer list for the week.  patience, patience, and more patience.  Amen.


emma wanted to make goldfish bowls ( i admit i knew not what she was talking about...can you say google it???) so I did and found the instructions.....everyone made a bowl and then we cut out fishies to put in them
they are all happily swimming along strung from my kitchen curtain rod!

Statesboro hosts a "first friday" event each month downtown.  we went this week, kids had a blast in the firetruck and most especially hopping till they were covered in sweat in the bouncy house.  even little madi got in on the action...they had singers, little games to play...lots of fun!

our first harvest!!!!  yeh!!  huge zucchini, two peppers and 3 pickling cucumbers!

oh today we brought the chicks out to check out the yard.  i contained them in a flipped over box for a while, then got brave and decided to let them just peck about in the yard.  and guess what?  they loved it!  the kids thought it was great that they could just walk up and pet them...or poke them...or try to pick them up and needed  more than a few reminders that they were FRAGILE.

we decided on "Coraline Jones" for the black one and "LULU" for one of the yellow one's.

just to show how absurdley funny and "so ugly they are cute" they's this for a closeup???

more feathers' than fuzz. 

this little chick likes to FLY.  she flew out of the pen and then flew up on
the picnic bench.  we prayed she wouldn't doo-doo on danny's shirt!

ms. sombrero had drinking her homemade vanilla/strawberry smoothie.
we also made fresh squeezed lemonade tonight.  i'm thoroughly addicted to that right now.
so delicious.  i buy lemons by the bagful.  i'm thinking i need a tree but the girls at work said
it gets to cold in the winter...but hey!  i could bring it inside right???

three amigo's chalking it up....

hope you have a wonderful start to your week...


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  1. My son's school requires him to do 25 hours of volunteer work per year. He waited until the last minute to even get started, but it made me realize how much I enjoy helping others! We are signed up for a monthly food delivery for seniors in our area...and the entire family participates!


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