Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rockabye Baby Pink

We have two little girls that grace our home with sweet girly notions....the older, Emma is a collector and organizer, an "all about pink girl next door" little girl.  Madi, our youngest is tougher.  She keeps up with the boys, is tough like them and doesn't take crap from anyone!  I had promised Emma that when we moved her room would be painted pink...before it was white, white, white.  No color, no style.  I found this lovely shade of's called Rockabye Baby.

This is before the curtains...sorry!

Isn't it just the softest shade of pink.  It's beautiful.  That little fence thing-y I found at a thrift store.  I'm not sure what it is from, but I like how it looks.  It can be used as a little shelf or looks great on top of a shelf with little linens hung on it.

I made this rag garland after seeing it on someone elses blog.  {sorry I can't give credit because I don't know where it was!}  I took a long piece of twine and for about two hours tied 6 inch pieces of scrap fabric until it was all filled up. At Christmas last year, I had it hanging in an entryway and had tags hanging from it that spelled out MERRY CHRISTMAS.

This is Christina.  I purchased her for Emma {after much deliberation in the dolll shop} in Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee a few years ago.  She makes me put her in the closet every night because she's scared of her!

A closeup of the rag garland...i think it's so cute.

The little heart I made from a leftover baby blanket and blanket stitched pink embroidery floss around the edges.It has graced the doorknob to the girls room, the door itself, but it's now found it's home dangling from this relocated flower holder.   I'm all about stealing items from my other rooms to redecorate!

This is a closeup of the fence thing-y.  The picture frame is crackled and decorated with some of my scrapbooking supplies.  I love that picture of Emmy.  The flowers are made from palmetto leaves...given to us in Forsythe Park by a sweet lady.  The figurines are from the Disney Store...I ordered them when Nick {who is now 17} was about three.  They have graced the little edge above the door, but have now found their home here.

Rescued this dresser from Goodwill last year.  Kept the paint, plan to line the drawers in a pretty pink paper and change out the knobs to something glass.

Piggybank I made for Emma with scrapbooking supplies and a giant clothespin used to hold a sweet pic of her and her brother.

Pink lacy curtains...sorry it's so dark!

Thanks for looking at our girly makeover!


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