Friday, June 17, 2011

owls and pickles

doesn't he look so INTENSE?
lol, he's writing a grocery list of what he wants from Walmart..
we'll just say it has toys on it!

Pickle Pot

i gathered up some cucumbers from the garden and found a recipe for a
PICKLE POT for your fridge and had to make some. 
I fetched Emma to give me a hand, and started out:

two onions
four small cucumbers sliced
pickling salt and spices
clean ball jars

emmy had the most important job of pouring in the ingredients....

after they were all together, i did the lids and jacob
gave them a shake!  then into the fridge they go for two weeks...
can't wait to taste them!

I also pickled up some zucchini the same way...hopefully can invest in a canner
this week....we'll see...lots of other things to buy, too :(


"ummm, can we come in???"
{these chickens just kill me}


OMG will i ever finish this blanket? 
I have like 6 more rows to go and then it's done. 
Goal:  have it done by next Friday's post!


Library fun


sam doesn't quite understand how QUIET u should be at the library.

pretty glass ceiling and light in the community it!

this week was the Raptor presentation from GSU. 
They had a snake, a falcon, a hawk, a small owl and this HUGE OWL!
She was really cool and had a huge wingspan!

my reads for this week....
I almost died when I found the Nancy Drew books in the kids section.  I can so
recall having them tucked on top of my white hutch in my bedroom.  I had to pick one up
just as a trip down memory lane....

and can I say I am pouring over the country decorating books...i {heart} Country Living!

craft room

what, you way, happened to the lovely carpet in this room?
well, we'll just say cats.
Grrrr.  all the padding and carpet came up. 
might to hardwood, might do carpet. 
not sure yet.
happily, the smell is gone.
for this I thank God.

Emmy and I organized all the buttons yesterday.
Great little sneaky sorting exercise for school...see, there's always a plan!

and all my little tools are in one little tote again...all about access when
u r crafting u know!


SCORE!  always love pretty storage....Picnic basket, actually had intended to store ribbon in it, but
decided it would house my small yet to be done mini albums and card
making stuff {like cards and envies}.  filled it up pretty quickly.

always love a glass jar...this one find a home as storage for my flowers.
Just liked the metal pan, a quick scrub with an sos pad brought it back to brand new. 
Loved this frame, it's hardwood and notched on all four sides.  kitchy cross-stitch in it that
kind of just well, made me smile.
The tin print with the birds I just loved and it's not old or anything.  I loved the colors
and the botanical/bird print.  Might be a springboard for some bedroom colors.

Have a big list today...since I've been pouring over decorating books, I'm itching to get the painting finished
and have {mostly} decided i am going to repaint all my kitchen cabinets and distress them like my old one's. 
Then I have to finish the mail walls out here but am stuck about what to do with the trim.  I feel like it's too glaring white and I want to tone it down and make it a little more rustic.  Will have to play around with this a bit and find out what I like.  So stay tuned, once the painting is done the decorating will begin...that's the fun part!

have a wonderful, blessed weekend!


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