Monday, June 13, 2011

avacado's and summer rain

mr. stinky sam on the brink of sleepyville...ainat he so cute?
(he's be cuter minus that diaper)

breakfast in bed...lazy girl!

its' official!  we r!
of course, sam already was...check out that hair!

my goal this week is to cut out sugar..hello equal!

our trees have arrived!  one pear and one apple from Lowe's.  I think we have a Cleveland flowering pear and a Dodson apple tree.  I have to get a pollinator tree for the apple, not sure what to get but
I know i didn't want a crabapple, which is the only other one that Lowe's had (and it's not on the list for a pollinator anyway)  Now, to dig the holes!

can't wait to see the blooms next year!!!

pretty little dainty flower growing in my yard...just thought it was sweet :)


So, I was making avacado/corn salad the other day and when i pulled the pit i thought....umm, wonder if i could grow an avacado tree?  Google found me an avacado site that gave me some great info.  seems you can grow a tree but it won't be fruit bearing, it would have to be grafted to another tree which is apparently really really hard to do.  so i'm just going to try to grow a non fruit bearing one anyway, just cause i think it's cool to grow stuff.  I'll keep you posted on the progress!

my still hanging around what's left of my Mother's Day flowers....loving yellow!


sunday afternoon:

after finally waking up from a post work coma i decided to take the kids out to the pool, then i heard a low rumbling in the distance and saw this in the northern sky.....

about 20 minutes later my front yard looked like this and we had been pelted by dime sized hail....

the chickens had to be rescued from outside (which was basically me with a big beach towel over my head and a laundry basket) and they all found safe haven in the bathroom until the storm was over.
poor things they were huddled against the side of the house!

now, the aftermath of the storm left some very BIG puddles in the drive...
didnt' take long for these heathens to find them...

please notice "ms. i'm wearing a white dress" and where she is standing....

there was apparently something pretty interesting in this puddle?


pretty Georgia moon

post mud puddle fun...all four went into the shower at once!

play-doh fun last night....cutie pie!

hope you had a muddy fun filled sunday too!


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