Thursday, June 9, 2011

Climb higher

SouleMama (having just had her baby) has many guest writers on her blog this week...check it out here and say "thank you" to your sister-mama's


she climbs.  all day long.  onto the chairs, the table, the countertops, the couches and chairs.  I pat her bottom, put her down and say "no".  but she goes up again, doing what babies do.  exploring her little world.  so i ask, do i remove her, or let her explore?  do i reprimand her or congratulate her for being so curious?  always a stickler at this want them to explore, but you want to hug them and keep them close and always out of harms way.  she's so industrious getting up there though.  she works hard at it.  i'm almost proud of her :))

two lovel children playing together...these cannot possibly be

the three stooges sleep here.  no, just kidding.  emma has decided she like bunking in with everyone and in a way it's good because little Madi gets to sleep in and not get woken up by rambunctious little children running amok.  just for the summer...we'll let it slide....they're so cute when they head off to bed, they all climb in, get their kisses and off to sleep.  the other night i went in to check on them and they all had their stuffed pets lying on the floor next to them, tucked in with THEIR special blankies!  so cute.

good read...if i could get through it.. it's library day today!  a sweet book that will bring back memories of your grandmother's it!


while cleaning out our shed yesterday  i found the skeleton of this really yukky big spider!  gross! 
it's kind of cool though and jacobs face is priceless here...doesn't he look, well, a little unsure?  i think he still thinks it's going to wake up and bite him!  i also had a part of a hive i took down.  what a job that was....i have a pile of stuff that has to be taken do the dump now..odds and ends...the previous owner left a dresser in there though that i am going to convert into a potting for photos of that.  (i know, i promised photos of the other table i am going to's coming, it's coming!!)

with finishing out the cleaning job, i felt like i had accomplished something amid the massive list of things i have to do.  the parts came for the mower yesterday, so hopefully that will be permanently fixed and in working order.  i'm re plotting my yard plan and shifting things about.  mostly to have things near a better water source.  the pond is so low...i see the turtle almost daily.  we had a tree frog hanging out on our pool funny to watch!


starting night shift again tomorrow...hubby on call all week and thankfully was home a little bit earlier last have been missing him....hoping to have an inspiring day today...found the coolest store at the end of Burkhalter Road..looks like a mattress outlet, but's it's loaded with antiques...the wardrobes and hutches i've been looking for....yippee!!!!

have a happy and blessed day!


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