Wednesday, June 15, 2011

grill planter

I was inspired by Jane over at Country Crossroads to use this old broken down barbecue grill that the previous owner had left in our shed.  Sadly, the bottom was all rusted out, but the top was in good shape, so I took it off and painted it a sunny yellow.......

it probably needs another coat, but of course I couldn't wait!
I added my dried out in the sun impatients and using four lengths of chain
some small s hooks, we hung it in the tree out front....I love it!
thanks for the idea jane!

I want to put some bright pink wave petunias in it...i think they will look
lovely trailing down, don't you?


i also started working on my two front flower beds, not much, but they'll come along. 
I found some bricks on the back of the property and used them to edge it.
recycle, recycle, recycle...:)

the day lilies were there, but i also planted shasta daisy seeds, cosmos's and orange poppies.
hope they come up!

scored a Jasmine bush for half off at walmart!  gonna put a trellis behind so it climbs...can't wait to
smell that sweet fragrance!

this is a beautiful red manevilla....also a climber and will need a trellis.

goodies from the garden...the cucumbers and tomatoes are from
our garden, not the carrots and crackers!!
I offerred this up to my kids pre-dinner last night and they
gobbled it up!!!

blurry, but pretty, full moon coming over the trees last night.  we
sat out for about an hour watching the bats fly over!

what post of mine isn't perfect without a chicken picture in it. 
the girls are getting so big, they spend all day outside now and at night
they climb up to the sliding glass door and huddle together until
i bring them inside.  funny!

hope you have a blessed day..
and i'm so excited!  I won the giveaway over at SouleMama
from's what I won!

set of four colour dipper bowls : unicycle, swallow, chicken, horse

love it!  thank you SouleMama!


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  1. Looks awesome Sue!!!!

    Love your grill planter!


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