Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it came out of the pond....

Can u say CAN IT!!  got myself a big old pot to can in!  so excited...processed some zucchini and cucumbers to store...can't wait to do more.

this is my scrumptious Father's Day dessert i whipped up...
2 packets of dream whip
1 large package of vanilla pudding
chocolate chip cookies
mini marshmallows...

layer, layer, layer and top! 
sweet little treat!


now when we moved in here in April, the previous owner said there was nothing in the pond.  Over the past few weeks I've discovered we had a turtle and there were some frogs hopping about
(but then again, they are everywhere)
well, Nick decided to try to fish the pond and to our absolute amazement...he caught THIS!

huge old small mouth bass (we think!)

he must've been a little stunned after we threw him back because he swam on top of the water for a while...
he seriously looked like a gator swimming around!!
Nick has caught a few sunnies and this morning caught another big old fish!
there goes my notion that there's nothing in the pond!

Now, I came home Sunday morning to find this little kid in my house.
Don't recognize him without his super huge platinum afro, do ya?
Hubby got his hair cut, and I was mad. 
Real mad. 
U see, I love sam's curls...i'd let his hair grow down his back in big
old corkscrew curls if it were my choice.
Now i admit, he had a mini mullet going on...lol!

after a day or two, i decided he looked cute (did before too) and that his hair will eventually grow back...sigh!
he looks so much older now....it is easier to wash though!
so hubby is no longer allowed to take ANYONE except himself for a haircut.

yesterday afternoon, i looked out the back window and found this in my yard.
marking his territory...all over my kids outside toys...grrrrr!

he eyed up my chickens so he got a little squirt of my hose then decided to go take a
swim in our pond.  poor thing, he was so hot and tired.  had on a broken chain so he must
belong to someone.  He spent about two hours with us, then went off again.

nothing like a sweet juicy watermelon!!

extra messy and yummy..just like we like it!

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blessings!  Sue

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