Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One month!

We have officially lived in Georgia for one month and two days!  Here's what I learned so far.....:)

*no one is in a hurry here.  and if they are, they'll pass you doing 80 mph.
*roads are LOOOOONG!
*i don't like gnats.
*you never really step on a frog because they wiggle under your feet as soon as u do and you hop off!
*the woods is scary at night.  (haha danny)
*a list is a good thing when going to the store so you don't have to turn around and go back
*living here is like a perpetual camping trip.
*the smell of burning pines is awesome.
*a ranch home is awesome.
*laundry room on the first floor is priceless.
*go to a central room with no windows when a tornado is coming, or a murky pond (ewww!)
*Brooklet Elementary is an awesome school!
*people really are nicer in the south!
*there is a church about every mile or so here.  awesome.


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