Monday, May 9, 2011

in the yard....

visited the library (finally) last week and checked out these great books.  the big one on the bottom is my favorite (probably because it has chickens on the front cover.  the top one is a nice story about a young girl who homesteads, but also has a 9-5 really shows that you don't have to dive into it head first, baby steps are ok too! 

as i said in my previous post, i ordered our laying hens last night and i am patiently (not) waiting for the e mail telling me when they will be here.  how funny i have to pick them up at the post office!  i got the warmer light today and have to stop by Anderson's this afternoon to get a feeder and waterer and something to keep them in.  trying to go inexpensive, since they will eventually be moved to their coop (which i have to build!)

i also got two more tomatoes and rosemary, mint and lemon thyme.  potted them and they are sitting on the porch steps soaking up the sun right now...

also got the wood for my next raised bed, got that assembled and put the newsprint and some leftover shingles on top to kill off the grass so i can dig it, fertilize it, and get it ready for planting in hopefully 2 weeks.  i started some corn, snap peas, carrots and more squash from seeds this morning too.  the new tomatoes found a home in the current garden spot and got a thorough watering...

nice how i just drive my van right across the lawn, eh???

i also met a little hoppy friend in the front yard this morning while planting some impatients...
he hopped off before i could get a pic of him...funny little frogs all over the place!


jacob's most awesome mother's day gift that he made with his own little fingers!!
made me cry!

he used his little finger to paint the whole picture...:)

i made this cute little cottagey banner last reads "happy" sweet!

and b cause i love halloween, i was working on this mini for like THE WHOLE DAY..sewing it, inking it and
when i got home on sunday, I realized Emmy had also colored it and stuck stickers ALL over it.  her and i had to have a discussion about asking if she could touch things first.  humph!

rehearsal tonight for the barnyard musical tomorrow and today is nicks first day of football practice...he'll be exhausted when he gets home. 

i still smell the lemon thyme in here...the herbs smelled delicious!

have a happy day

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  1. Sue.....your backyard looks so inviting!!!! I'm sure you are really enjoying it. I love to read your blog. I'm sooo glad you are happy and finding wonderful things in GA. {{{HUGS}}} Lindy


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