Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day was a beautiful hot day..no rain in the forecast...much unlike what we usually experienced in PA!  It seems every Memorial Day it rained and spoiled the fun for our picnic or camping trip..not so here!
We talked with the kids about what Memorial Day stands for and why it's so important and we talked about how Daddy served in the Navy....a special thank  you to everyone who serves in the military...whatever branch...for the FREEDOM you continue to fight for...God Bless!

Jacob gives a big thumbs up to jello cake!!

Emma was attacked by a marshmallow...doesn't she look a little vampire-y????

sam decided just eating them right out of the bag was the way to go for him :)

as did miss madi :))

mama and sammy


nick vs the marshmallow....(nick won)



our four little chickies are doing well and growing like crazy!!
they are losing their downy little fuzz and getting their feathers!

all the others are yellow..this is the only dark one.
they are all a little skittish when you pull them out of their cage, but
we just hold them softly,, talk to them, and pet their little heads.
sam has to work on this though, he thinks poking with his fingers equals petting!

we still need to decide on names for them all.
they are so funny...when you walk in the room, they spin their little necks around to see what you are up to!

I was clearing some leaves out behind the shed yesterday and cutting dead limbs down...there were bugs everywhere..i told danny that they would have a field day out there..he said "yeh, good luck catching them later!!"


squash, cucumbers and pumpkins...growing great!  have two squash growing, and several small
cucumbers...can't wait to harvest!!

prettty purple flowers by the pond....saw the turtle three times yesterday!!!

someone please identify this plants for me..it's woody, like a tree but more like a bush
the bugs love it!!!


in the words of Alice Cooper...
"Schools out for summer!!!!!"
despite that fact, school will continue here at home for the summer...
emmy and i made our flag this morning (she punched out the stars)
and we hung it on the curtain top so we can say the pledge each morning and
i'm working on daily lessons for the kids to keep them going through the summer
and get ready for school in August.
We have a summer fun list going which includes....going to the waterpark, going to visit a farm
picnics, nature hikes, zoo/aquarium field trips, and lots of other fun.  I'll post pics and keep you updated on our summer travels.  another thing I want the kids to do is write to pen pals over the summer....so if you receive a letter, please try to write back!!!

jacob spied a daddy long legger in the tree yesterday.  he borrowed a branch, went in the house and drew some spiders and glued them on.  he then parked this whole creative endeavor in a vase and is proudly displaying it in his room!  What a creative genius!


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