Tuesday, May 24, 2011

camera woes

ok, so i used to just plug my camera into the usb port on my computer and voila!  a little screen would come up and i could download my pictures...today, however, a little sign pops up that keeps saying "device not recognized".  which lead me to an hour long hunt for the installation disc, which as I am sure you know, probably got lost/misplaced/forgotten in the move.  not having found that, i did find my Creed CD which is playing as i type this.  so now i hav e all these cute little pics of the chicky-chicks and no way to show you.  grrrr!  i'll find a way though :)

woke up early to get the kids off to school for the fourth last day...hooray!  maybe they'll start sleeping in???? probably not, but we can hope.  sam found his way out in the living room as well, dragging his "bwankie" with him to plop himself on the couch and sip on his "miwkie".  sam has an uncanny ability to make you smile, despite your mood.  it must be his hair which is a little oiled up today due to some cradlecap (can you believe it in a 3 year old???)  i think it's cause it's so thick and curley.  madi slept in a little, but is already down for nap after a quick dip in the pool and lunch. 

after the bus came this morning cleaning time began.  Vacuum'd all the carpets, steamcleaned the small bedroom carpet (I'm thinking it's going to have to come up though) and cleaned both bathrooms.  laundry in washer and dryer, check!  sprinkler on to water the garden, then tilled and planted my seedlings in half of the new bed, sprinkler on again for some much needed watering.  did i mention it was 102 degrees here yesterday???? 

for a few minutes this afternoon  i just sat on the back steps and closed my eyes, soaking up the sun and listening to all the new noises.  some days it's so peaceful and i'm overwhelmed by the nature and peace here.  there's so much to not do.  the land almost whispers to you to just let it grow wild, let the wildflowers seed themselves.  manicured lawns do not fit in here.  i'll be revamping my landscape of the yard later today.  i'm wanting to go for a more eclectic (imagine that???) look, vintage...secret little gardens.  i've resolved that the front porch will be a far away project and that i am going to just plant the flowers i want and let the rainwater fall on them.  my main goal is to get seven fruit trees in this year.  two apple, two pear, two peach and a fig tree.  that's the goal...but we'll see. 

i'm laughing now as i look over at Sam who is busy pulling stickers out of his sticker book because he's sitting on his knees and his chubby little toes are just sticking out from under his bum.  he's so cute :)

if i'm so inclined later i may start painting some trimwork in the living room.  have to drop nick off for some more job hunting.  a quick trip to the store for very minimal groceries (cat food, milk, and chicken). 

chickens are well today, cleaned their pen last night and cleaned their dirty little booties.  have you ever trimmed a chickens booty feathers???  lol!  what a job!

jacob and emmy will be home from school soon and no doubt ready for a dip in the pool  i'll keep taking pics, and hopefully will be able to get them uploaded.

hope you are having a productive and blessed day..


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  1. Sue....my camera had the same thing the other night. It was a button I had to push on the camera....don't know if your's is the same but thought I'd mention.


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