Wednesday, May 25, 2011

lots of pics!

I love Martha Stewart Living...i found some great recipes in this months magazine and decided to use my
new herbs from my garden.  Above is a peach/onion salad with lemon basil...omg!  to die for!
This months magazine has some great easy sides, not a whole lot of ingredients, but really big on taste!
To make this salad:
slice up 3 peaches
several thin slices of onion (i used Vidalia sweet onions)
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
juice of half a lemon or orange
orange or lemon zest
handful of lemon basil leaves
mix together and voila!

this was just a yummy side of squash, peppers, onions and some fresh
herbs from my garden...blurry but good!

getting crafty for halloween (already)
found some cute papers on clearance (woo-hoo)
and started making this mini.....lots of sewing, but really cute and fun!

part of my "happy" the colors!
you'll see it on my etsy soon!


May 15 was Sammy's 3rd birthday...and my mom's too! 
We celebrated by going to the playground at Mill Creek Park in Statesboro.
There were some bongo drum players there, so the kids had a blast playing the instruments and running amok on the playground.  We walked around to the water park.....

this should be a cool treat this summer!

and in the pond in front of the water park are loads of turtles!!
I was also happy to find that we have a turtle in our pond at home!

Sammy and his yummy three layer vanilla fudge brownie cream cheese icing cake!

Everyone enjoyed playing with Sam's gift!
thanks to Grammy for the money for Sammy and
to aunt karen for the new outfit and balls!

Without further the chicks!
The chickies arrived last wednesday in a very noisy box.  I'm not sure
what breed they are...still have to look that up.
Sadly the one black one didn't make it, so we only have four now.
they are noisy, messy, and SO DARN CUTE!!

Because we live in the middle of no-where, i gathered up some bricks the other night, some
leftover kindling and we built a campfire out back.
This has two purposes.  One:  chase away the bugs.  Two:  roast marshnmallows!
My plan is to get a real fire pit or a better one than a makeshift broken brick one.
All in due time! 

Madi and Jacob:  twins (not!)

Loving my sissy!

hubby got me these pretty flowers for our 7 year anniversary...he even got this
great Italian vase!  lol!!

Love u honey!  Here's to another 7 years and more gray hair!!

Maggie in one of her nicer!


happy to say my camera is back on track!  (thanks to hubby)

hope you have a blessed day!



  1. That birthday cake sounds yummy!

  2. So many great snapshots!

    We just got six peeps/ day old chicks and they are thriving. The kids love watching them.

    The hatchery might give you a credit for the one that didn't make it; doesn't hurt to ask.

    Thanks for stopping by my Frugal Homesteading blog ... posting here under my Blogger profile. :)


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