Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fat lip

ummm...yesterday little cute sweet Madi decided it would be a good idea to wallop me with Sam's sippy cup and give me a big fat old split lip.  Ouch.  so now it hurts to eat and drink and there's a hole on the inside of my lip where I'm thinking my tooth went thru.  thankfully, no teeth were broken, so I'll just nurse my poor sore lip.  these kids HAVE TO STOP throwing me, at each other, at the cats.  sigh....we'll work on that :)

today dawned with a sweet cool little rainstorm to moisten up the soil in my garden that i didn't get to water yesterday. spent the early morning hours drawing up my whole yard plans...not that it will all get done at once, but it's good to have a plan.  Raised bed gardens, a bigger garden for corn and potatoes, strawberry patches, blueberry and raspberry bushes, a little pond and winding mysterious little paths that flow all between them.  Umm, nice to dream, but lots of work.  it will come to fruition...a little at a time.  have some items to drop into my compost pile.  here's a funny, i can't go out there at night, because i'm afraid of the woods!  hubby says he's going to remember that and scare me.  better not.

junking.  on my mind.  love to meander through the aisles and see the displays.  i'm even pretty good at not purchasing anything, just looking.  planning.  so much to do in our house.  not sure what "style" it's going to end up in yet.  it's fun to look at all the different styles of decor.  spent a good hour re discovering hobby lobby :)

little sam woke about 3 am this morning, crying and screaming.  not sure if it was a bad dream, but he nestled right back into bed with me and fell to sleep.  he was shortly followed by jacob who didn't want to sleep in his room alone for the rest of the night :)  full bed this morning.  work brought hubby home late last night and a meeting took him off early again.  first week of call.  so busy. 

plan to use my sewing machine a bit today and it's bed linen washing!

happy day to you...may u find a little treasure in your day :)

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